I have no idea what this says

Click through for a closeup — can anyone translate? All I know is that the characters have piercings!

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32 thoughts on “I have no idea what this says

  1. - Oh, Davies, hello! You’ve got your hair cut! And what’s called your new haircut?
    - Hello Shurinda. How do you know what’s called my new haircut?
    - What? Your new haircut is called “And what’s called your new haircut”?
    - No, you idiot! It’s called “What’s called your new haircut”!!
    - Ha, sucker [or sth like that]
    - Hi-hi
    - Ayy!
    - Fuck you
    The end.

  2. -Hello, my names Alan, will you be my friend
    -No i don’t like you because you smell like cheese
    -Do you not like cheese, my favourite cheese is stilton
    -I don’t like you or cheese or stilton, go away
    -Will you be my friend
    -Will you be my friend
    -Ok then lets hold hands and walk merrily down the road
    The End

  3. it is russian and #4 did the best translation your gonna get.


    You know everybody bitches when they see titties or any female nakedness and wants to know why you post it shannon as it does not seem MOD related when in reality it is. But this is not but does anyone gripe? NO

  4. The Naked Man – What, modded cartoons don’t count? :) Ok, I admit… I mostly just wanted to know what it meant and I knew people of all languages read this!

  5. Haha, #4 and #6 are sooo different. I like the fact that it says “Fuck you!” in English at the bottom, lol.

  6. it’s russian guys:

    - Oh! Davis! Got hair cut? And what’s the name of it?
    - Yo Shoorinda! How did u know name of my haircut?
    - What? Your haircut’s name is “And what’s the name of it?”
    - No smartass. It’s name “What’s the name of it”!!
    - emm.. ??? ……here dirtback! (throw exe)
    - haha
    - Fuck u!
    The End. ^^

    пы.сы.: расия привет

  7. haha i liked the “fuck you”…it made the whole piece understandable. Before i read the translations i thought it was someone getting shit for their mods and the guy saying fuck you..

  8. -Oh, Davis. Hello! Did you get a haircut? What’s the hairstyle called?
    -Hello Shoorinda, how did you find out what my new hairstyle is called?
    -So, what? Your new haircut is called “what is your hairstyle called”?
    -No, stupid! It’s called “your new hairstyle”.
    -Here, shithead!
    -Hee hee.
    -Fuck you

  9. #21
    haha xD
    i’m going to walk with my bear…

    всем хорошего дня.

  10. обоже руские повсюду
    чтоже делать нам
    бедным американцам

  11. Red, паривет русския xD
    FlaSH, какую-то хуйню чуваки напесали)))
    uptheglasswalls, don’t forget about матрёшкакраснаяикраблиныredsquareблять :)
    sh1, +1 =)

  12. точно… матрёшку забыл…(
    рэдсквэар из ту факин фар ту би ремемберд…

    yadernoye oruzhiye из мач мор ёрджент.))

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  14. im suprised the sharpe lasted that long….lol…i have no clue what this says…..

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