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  1. I’m a Christian and have 2 tattoos. neither ‘glorify death’..i don’t have enough respect for satan for that. instead they remind me of good happy things 🙂 i think it’s one of those debates where there are always going to be extreme views, but in my opinion, having tattoos/piercings/brandings whatever does not make you any less of a good person, or have less respect for God.

    and that final piece on the click through is amazing, even though i’m not sure i get it..

  2. just a note here, i think a large part of the modification comunity is a bit of a death worship?..ahh tribute theme..from the music enjoyed to the literature enjoyed..haha, i mean how many people including myself love anne rices work…or whatever, fuck wether one persons god should dictate to the rest of us, but there is a point there.my opinion, and i think it is a shame, go oddball tattoos and playful suspensions, sexual mods and just having fun with your body, its nice to see the clowns of the bod mod community as much as the vampire freaks, and zombie lovers, though i do enjoy their antics also.

  3. Ann Rice is a born-again christian now. Wonder what that will do to the poor vampires.

  4. Oh wow… Giger is my favorite artist, I’d love to be covered in tattoos depicting his work. AMAZING tattoo… I want to give this guy a kiss 🙂

  5. That article = sheer hilarity.


    (which of course they only condemn because their religion doesn’t do it. really, I don’t get why OMG BLOOD is so terrifying. but then I think blood is totally sexy so I’m most likely just a leeeetle biased.)

  6. From the article: “A tattoo screams of unabashed rebellion and deviancy.”

    Who here doesn’t love a little bit of unabashed rebeliion and deviancy? 😉 Oh well, I guess I’m off to hell for my tattoos, as though there weren’t enough reasons already!

    Also, the tattoo looks great. It’s not my style, but the work is awesome; looks great on him 🙂

  7. haha, I love it when Christians quote that bible verse as a reason to not get a tattoo. Don’t they ever read the verses AROUND it? Or bother to learn that those rules were for a specific group of people, which no longer even applies?
    I mean, God forbid they actually READ the bible.

  8. People who live in un-nuanced worlds cant be expected to appreciate it the lives of others when they peak outside if their own.

    Also, all that stuff about staining the flesh of mortals or whatever? I mean common! You would think that people who get preached to in booming voices about fire and brimstone would appreciate that sort of showmanship.

  9. Decent tattoo.

    And I love how the article leaves out flash of butterflies, rainbows, flowers, jesus… and that every piece they did use is an ugly “evil” looking piece that I don’t think many people with eyes or people getting tattoos after 1978 would actually chose to get.

    Except for the winking satan. He’s cool.

  10. Also, on another note, there seems to be a confusion on the site between 2 tattoo artists named Lior (who actually kind of look alike) who both come from there (even though Liorcifer has been living here for many years now).
    I noticed when my tatts were under the other Lior’s search… not the right one. Just wanted to mention.

  11. holy shit. that tattoo is fucking amazing. i’m not a gieger fan, but it’s a great composition!

  12. I’m with 19 – Which Lior do you mean?
    I got tattooed by a Lior, and the picture as a bit too dark for me to see if it’s him or not… and I have no idea if he’s called “Liorcifer” or not….
    Shannon, do you know what’s the name of his studio?
    That should clearify the issue.
    anyways – Great tattoo, and yay for Israel! 🙂

  13. That christian article is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while, sent a great email to them dispelling all their points, some of what they claiming was just totally wrong.

  14. There’s a Lior Magen (in Tel Aviv) and Liorcifer (in NYC), but they share the same encyclopedia entry here, I’m sure just a little correction could solve that 🙂

  15. Thanks 24, you got my point, my English just sucks.
    The search results are for both of them. I was tattooed by Lior Magen, anyways.

  16. lucky…i would kill to sit in the chair he;s in…..*droolz*….mmmm Giger….mmmm…last rights…..

  17. This article is a misinterpretation…cutting or tattoing yourself “for the dead” most likely refers to the practice, commmon cross-culturally, of cutting or tattoing oneself at the funeral of a loved one to express grief. It seems the neigbours of the ancient Jews practiced this.

    The bible is not making a prediction about skull tattoos centuries into the future, it is very grounded in the “now” in which it was written.

  18. For those asking – the artist is Liorcifer, out of NYC, formerly of the Last Rites crew.

  19. shanon, i’m not sure this is the right place for it, but it was mentioned, so i decided i should write this.

    there are 2 liors (as i’m sure there are a few more shanons), both of them started with pshycho tattoo in tel aviv and both are great tattoo artists, but lior magen is still there and lior friedman (liorcifer) is the one from last rites (and i’d love to know where he is now).

  20. There has been a confusion here for years now between us.
    I am Liorcifer, Not Lior Magen- and I’m working at Tribulation Tattoo- My studio with Tim Kern and Dan Marshall in NYC- http://www.tribulationtattoo.com

    By the way, I lost contact with this client, and was looking to get a hold of him again. I anyone knows where I can reach him, please let me know.
    Anyways…Thanks for the support.

    See you in some Hell…

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