25 thoughts on “Crude Ass Script Tattoos

  1. I dont know im not a fan of the self proclaimed “ass sluts” “daddy’s little girls” so on and so on.

    Thats JUST ME. If it makes them happy then im happy for them. So please dont flame me with the “YOU NEED TO BE MORE OPEN MINDED!!!” so on and so on.

  2. i think the undewrwear has been taped to keep it together.

    on another note the tattoos themselves are great.

  3. Haha Shannon, I didn’t even notice the arrows, they are funny indeed 😀

    And I think that on the second pic the thong is taped up to look like a G-string.

  4. i hope she lives by her words,cus ya just know every guy she will ever date will be trying to shove it up her assor be very dissapointed!

  5. These are great. I wish I’d come up with the “anal slut” idea… hahahaha. And yeah, Shannon, I noticed the arrows too, they make the whole thing so much more amazing.

  6. The arrows are the greatest part of the first one. I love it when people come with instructions 😉 My ass says “Have a nice day”.

  7. The anal slut tattoo, is that Michelle the pass around girl?

    She’s this mentally ill erotophile, she is a totally self destructive fuck monster.

    It’s actually very sad for her as everything in her life has been destroyed effectively by her pathological need for sex.

  8. The lettering on Anal Slut is great. Awesome smooth, clean lines. Really good tattoo.

    The linework on Eat Shit is shit though. Shaky, shaky, shaky. The lower loop on the E is a mess, so is the left side of the flourish over the T on that cheek. Actually, looking at it, the mess is too long to list. Thankfully it’s on his ass.

    Great example of the difference between good and poor lettering.

  9. from all the comments I’ve been reading for all these pics,you girls all know each other? I wish I knew you too.

  10. You people want nice fonts search a guy called BJ Betts im sure some of u big tattoo fans already know who he is if not have a ganda also the comment about anal slut she better be prepaired to get that opend up like a clowns pocket or get it crossed out

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