18 thoughts on “A Rock Climber’s Tattoo

  1. Knots have so many more uses than climbing & suspending 😉

    All perving aside though, EVERYONE oughtta learn to tie half a dozen knots, or else deserves to have all their posessions fall off their SUV’s roof rack next time they move house. OK that’s a little harsh. Just a bit of a slap, then.

  2. I know that knot,
    tie it right and it saves your ass from a 200ft fall.
    Great tattoo!

    and I’ll agree with toast, everyone needs to know how to tie more knots!

  3. Yeah that’d be the good old figure eight knot..
    I used to do a bit of climbing back in the day.. Best fitness ever.

  4. i’m really digging the last pics…it’s so nice to visit the modblog and find that there are like 10 new cool entries…really nice job…n_n

  5. to 5.: i entirely agree! i love being able to sign on to modblog several times a day and always find a glorious update
    shannon, you are for sure the man 🙂

  6. shit I miss climbing,
    and this tattoo makes me want to go even worse.

    guess I should get with it, I live all of 30 minutes from one of the best climbing areas in Canada.

  7. His whole back looks really red.. i wonder if he had this done over a mild sunburn? Obviously if he’s a climber he’s outside alot, so I dunno. I know the edges of the tattoo are red since its fresh.. but his entire back looks the same color, unless its the shade or whatever..

  8. When I first saw that, I thought “suspension”, but thats because I’m a junkie.
    Either use of the equipment, its still a well done tattoo. Rock climbing is fun too!

  9. Fantastic. i’m looking for ideas for climbing tattoo as i’ve just got into it, never thought of ropes, bena’s or knots. Cool – don’t worry – won’t copy and i’m too much of a wuss to have a big one anyway.

  10. thank you so much for doing this. i’ve been racking my brain trying to find a good idea for a climbing tattoo and i never thought to use equipment!

  11. This is the best one I have seen. I go in in about 3 weeks to get a caribeaner and climbing rope heart for a close family friend who died climbing. I will certainly be bringing this picture to the artist to give him the right idea.

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