Roo(binson) Crusoe

Hi, I’m Roo.

I’ve shaved daily since puberty (I’m now 28) and I can’t stand hair of any type, unless it’s on a cat, a dog or a rabbit.

Purely in the spirit of adventure and charity I’ve decided to raise money for the Toronto Humane Society (who do sterling work finding homes for all sorts of animals, amongst other things) by not shaving or cutting anything above my neckline for four months, or longer if the donations keep coming in!

Therefore, if you’ve ever wanted to know what a Roo looks like with four months of face and head growth, give me your monies! Even if it’s just pocket change. You can also sponsor me to shave it off, of course.

So, if you enjoy cats, dogs, me*, rabbits or the videos I post on here and BMEvideo you can donate wildly using the button at the bottom of this entry.


There’ll be an update on my progress on ModBlog and on my IAM page every two weeks.

Thank you everyone, I love you.

*Note – You can still donate if you don’t like me. Rest assured I’m not going to enjoy this process one bit and I’ll look pretty ridiculous throughout!

36 thoughts on “Roo(binson) Crusoe

  1. Bot – Sponsor me and I’ll shave it off (that’s a lie).

    Alex – I feel rather different! On a separate note I had a phone call from an Alex the other day, I got all excited because I thought it was you, and you were in Toronto.

    But it wasn’t you, meanie.

  2. This is harsh, and I’m sorry, but dude, do you even consider yourself a man? Come on, kitties and bunnies? What, did you cut off your balls? I’m no troll, I have no beef with people cutting off their own extremities, but this is sickening.

  3. Everyone – As I said in the entry. I love you, thanks so much.

    Tom – Erm, did you read the post?

    I’m growing my head-hair not cutting off my balls. If I were to cut off my balls it wouldn’t make me any less of a man. Balls are fleeting, as is machismo :).

    Confused, from haironto.

  4. Roo … if i had enough money to feed myself and keep in good supply of ciggies I’d totally donate all the cashness to you to rid yourself of the facial fungi which hath invaded your face!

  5. I too have an e-crush on you Roo, and if I had a paypal account/visa, I would donate loads to you.

  6. Caroline – So much love, thank you!

    Bot – It’s too late to back down now, hehe. I wish I could though.

    Em – I know, I’m hideous :)

    Greta – If I knew who you were I’m sure I’d crush you too :)

    You could always send a dollar my way via money order xx

  7. Roo, I love you for doing this.

    I havent got a paypal account but my boyfriend will be buying me some stuff from the internet soon so I’ll get him to donate for me. Having compassion toward fluffy beautiful animals makes you the manliest man around =]

    Btw, you’ll always be beautiful. Hair or no hair

  8. I’ll donate when I finally have some money, it’s always nice to see the shaven go hairy, you’ve been shaving scince puberty, I’ve been doing the exact opposite scince puberty. I actually feel bad about it when I do trim my beard down a little, plus winter is coming so I’ll be avoiding the razor as much as possible. Before you shave the face you should send in some pics to, they have galleries of burly guys with beards from all around the world if you look hard enough you’ll find me on there…

  9. by the way I think your much cuter with the shaven face but I’ve never found stubble attractive so get it full and you’ll be even hotter than you already are

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