BME Event in So Cal!

Hey folks, are you in Southern California? The 16th Annual So Cal BME/IAM BBQ is taking place on Saturday, August 6th, 2016, hosted by our friends David and Tiffany. Check out their Facebook event page for more information!


And, if you go, don’t forget to take photos and submit them to BME!

(Click the photo to go to the Facebook page.)

Stay Calm Update

This is an update about the Stay Calm event posted below.  Can’t be there in person?  Read on.

What I’d like for you folks who can’t make it to do, if you still want to be here in spirit… is to record a short video talking about your connection to Shannon and the IAM/BME Community. How it’s affected your life. Met a spouse? Had a baby? Traveled to Mexico for BMEFest and used a swimming pool as a gravity bong?

Tell your story!

Then either upload it to YOUTUBE (tagged staycalmbme) or get a account and link me. We’re going edit them together and put them online; shared here on SCPhilly as well as BME. There are some great stories out there; sweet, funny, raunchy… let’s not let them be forgotten.

Oh. Did you guys like the STAY CALM Hand Screened print that Johnny Thief designed for us? Well get this! If you submit a video to the THANK YOU SHANNON! Project- your name goes into a drawing to have one sent to you on us! They’re available exclusively to attendees of the memorial, so you’ll be the coolest kid on your block!

Once you’ve got it online, email [email protected] with the youtube or dropbox link and you’ll be set.

OH! This is really important. All submitted videos must be shot “properly”.

Videos should be under five minutes, 720dpi or higher if possible, m4v or mov format.

You can read the full post by going here.

We here at BME would really love it if you submitted the videos to BME as well. Please do share your memories of Shannon, whether they be photos, a video or if you want to write up a story or memorial, or anything really, about him. You can submit content via your BME account or by sending it to [email protected]. If you run into any problems at all please email BME support for help.

Stay Calm


On April 27th, in Philadelphia, there will be a gathering to celebrate Shannon’s life and the friendships he helped to foster.  To read more about the event, please visit this blog.  Below is an excerpt from the site about the event:

The weekend will have something for everyone, reminiscent of BME BBQs of the past. There’ll be time at the park, private suspensions, a party/fundraiser at a bar and the eventual hotel shenanigans that IAM events made famous.

We’ve worked out a special group rate at the LOWES Philadelphia (update: SOLD OUT! We’re working on a second block at another local hotel so please stay in touch if you’re in need of accommodations) and are working on other perks. Checking back here or the Facebook event listing will be your best way to keep up with the latest news.

If you know of any other gatherings taking place please feel free to post about them in the comments below.

We just wanted to say thank you, again, for the love and support the community has shown all of us here at BME.  If you’re going to an event please do take pictures and share them with BME, we would love to see them, especially those of us who live too far away to attend anything.

Flesh pulls with little girls

Ah, the fun the little girl is having, sitting on her little platform floating in the air held up by ropes attached to flesh hooks. What a world she’s growing up in. And the amazing thing is, with this being the 12th annual South California BBQ (which just took place on August 4th), these BBQs have being held significantly longer than she has existed!!! Whenever you’re feeling down about not being accepted or feeling like an outsider, remember this little girl and all those growing up in her generation. All we have to do is wait long enough, and the majority of the population won’t be able to imagine a world where body rituals and body modification aren’t the norm.

But seriously, my hat’s off with congratulations to the BME family down in So Cal that’s pulled together for a dozen years to make these little family reunions, sometimes with new relatives, sometimes old, some coming every year, some coming only one… but all family. It makes me very happy that this sort of grass roots enthusiasm is still adding their blood to parks around the world.



Counting down to 2012

Why do I have a funny feeling REM’s “It’s End of the World” is going to be played over and over again next year?  Alright, it’s just about that time, the BME New Year’s Eve party is just a few days away!

Now, the BME NYE Party, if it’s anything close to what it was like last year, will definitely be a blast.  We’ll have fireworks, food and drinks, and some of the most awesome people around.  Suspensions are going to be facilitated by Cere, as well as other qualified facilitators, so if you want to start the new year off by hanging from hooks, you can do it!  Now food and drinks will be provided, but just the bare minimum (burgers, hot dogs, soda, snacks etc) so feel free to bring along anything else you want.  There’s lots of room for tents on the property, and quite a few hotels just down the road near King’s Dominion (Just outside of Richmond, VA).

I’m off to pack up my bags.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there!

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BMEShop Contest! BMEShop Discount Code! BME New Year’s Eve Party!

The year is almost over and the BMEshop is going to have its final sale of the year.  So from now until midnight on New Year’s Eve the code holiday20off will get you 20% off your entire purchase.  But that’s not all!

Rachel was sending out some orders yesterday and discovered that the BMEShop is close to sending out its 5000th shipment.   So here’s the contest:  If your order shipping number is #5000, then you’ll win a $100 gift certificate for the shop.  Keep in mind that this only applies to orders being shipped out.  The system tracks individual orders coming in, as well as going out, and we’re only looking at the shipping number.  This means you can’t just make order after order to bump up your order number before actually making a purchase, we’re only counting completed orders.

So with the 20% off discount, and the chance to win $100 gift certificate, now is the perfect time to do some shopping for yourself.

Also, don’t forget about the BME New Year’s Eve Party!!!  Head on over to the event page and sign up so we know how much food to pick up!

2 weeks to go!

The BME New Year’s Eve party is only TWO WEEKS AWAY!  If you haven’t been to a BME event yet, this is the perfect time to come.  BME events are a great place to meet new friends, and catch up with older ones.  We’ll have food and drinks for everyone, but just the basics (hot dogs, burgers, soda, etc), so if you want to bring food go right ahead.  As usual there will be a big bonfire and fireworks, plus the usual BME shenanigans.  There’s plenty of room to set up a tent, and a bunch of hotels just down the street (click here for a map of the area) if you don’t feel like camping.

During the day there will be people on hand to facilitate suspensions.  Over the past year of BME events quite a few people have suspended, many for their first time, and all of them have talked about how great the experience is.  And even if you aren’t planning on suspending, you’re going to have a lot of fun.  BME parties at BMEHQ have had a pretty big impact on people, I can’t remember who said it, but someone described coming home from the party was like coming home from summer camp.

The fun begins during the day on New Year’s Eve, so come on down.  The event page has been set up and will have all the details as it gets closer to the party.  Plus if you need a ride, or can offer one, that’s the perfect place to set something up.

Come on down to BMEHQ

That’s right.. this new year’s eve you could spend it at home on the couch, watching Snooki get lowered in the giant ball, hoping ever so much that the ball malfunctions and plummets to the earth.  Or you could come down to Richmond, Virginia and celebrate it with BME!  It’s all about meeting new people, and catching up with old friends.  Having fun as only BME knows how.  Plus NYE is on a Saturday night this year, making it even easier to make the drive/fly to BMEHQ.

Fireworks, bonfires, food and drinks, suspensions,  we’ll have it all.  You’re more than welcome to bring your own food/drink as we’ll only be covering the basics (hotdogs, burgers, soda, etc).  It’s just a short drive away from King’s Dominion in Virginia, which conveniently has a hotel right next door.  So book a room now, or if you want to stay at BMEHQ you’re welcome to bring a tent, but remember it will be January.  Last year was so much fun and the whole BME team is looking forward to seeing all of you there.  We’ll put out more details the closer we get to New Year’s Eve, so start making those travel plans.

Oh, and here’s a picture of some ducks Tobias took at this summer’s BMEFest.  You can see more photos in the BMEFest photo gallery.

We’re doing it again!! BME NYE 2012!!

Back by popular demand is the BME New Year’s Eve Party!!!  As the weeks progress I’ll be able to share more and more information, but for now, here’s the stuff you need to know..

When: New Year’s Eve

Where:  BME HQ – Located close to King’s Dominion in Virginia (Outside Richmond)

Now, for those of you making the drive down here’s some things to know.  Camping is allowed on the property, however keep in mind it’ll be December 31st so bring a warm sleeping bag.  For those not interested in camping, simply look up any of the hotels near King’s Dominion and make a reservation.  Like other BME Events at BME HQ some food will be provided, although it will just be the basics, burgers, dogs, and soda.  If you want/need anything specific, feel free to bring it with you, and if you want, bring extra to share.

I’ll have more to share as the planning goes into full effect, but for now here’s a short video from last year’s party.

Please note:  Jumping into, through, or around the fire is strictly prohibited.  Which means I will NOT be doing a repeat of last year’s incident.

We’re looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, as well as any new ones, so mark off your calendar and make your reservations today!

The BMEShop is having a sale right now!


Just use the code 30offbme when you check out!

Rites of Passage

A couple of weeks back Rites of Passage held their annual gathering in the woods of Massachusetts.  The ROP BBQ is a weekend unlike any other.  All of the suspensions are held outdoors with some of the best scenery you can imagine.  This year Allen Falkner brought his camera along and made this short film that gives you a taste of what happened.  After watching the video, head on over to the ROP BBQ galleries to see photos from this year’s BBQ, as well as images from previous years.