Throat Cutting


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34 thoughts on “Throat Cutting

  1. This makes me terribly nervous, but I love it!
    After watching Rob Zombie’s Halloween last night, the thought of that cut going just a bit deeper would’ve resulted in a high-blood pressure ‘killbill-esque’ foutain!

  2. I wish we could see more of his tattoo. Right now it looks like he has scales & a gill slit.

  3. Is it supposed to be a bit crooked there on the right? Otherwise it looks very uniform, can’t wait to see healed pics!

  4. while healed it could get some funny reactions but i think this is at its best right now all bloddy and gory i fuckin love it!!!! such a good idea !!!

  5. This has to be a DIY right? No WAY would I want the responsibility of doing that to another human being. One little flinch and……

  6. You people are weird, it’s not anymore dangerous than any other scar and a lot less dangerous than say, a transcrotal. It’s not as if neck skin is particularity thinner than any other skin except maybe your hands and feet.

  7. Oh God, I had a flesh eating infection a little over a year ago on my neck so anything like this freaks me out… this is the only modblog entry that has ever made me physically twitch. It’ll be a cool scar, sure, but mine is better. Haha.

  8. uh.. normaly i would be eh cool but i just saw the new movie halloween which i did not like and this reminds me of one seen. uhhh

  9. I really dont think that this is wise, knives and throats do not mix, and if you cut of your neck like a toe, you dont exactly have another one and its perty important. not to mention hi adams apple and vocal cords. I hope he knew and trusted who did that cutting. I find with myself on any large injures/wounds i form keloids if a keloid scar formed there shaveing would be a nightmere. I personaly think neck cutting should be saved for the special forces and assassins but what ever floats your boat and i applaud him for going through with it and i hope it turns out.

  10. One of those things that I just don’t understand. There’s alot
    of beauty at this site,but then there’s this kind of stuff – stupid.

  11. this makes me feel a little sick.
    very very very fine line between brave and idiotic on his part.

    i couldn’t help but laugh at Twitch’s comment though..

  12. You would think that you could pull the skin away so as to cut it without risk to anything vital.

    I think it looks great.

    My mother has a similar scar from surgery for thyroid cancer 20+ years ago. One of my earliest memories is going with her to get the stitches taken out. I was convinced that as soon as they removed the bandage her head was going to fall off.

  13. Wow! just WOW!

    I have always wanted “gills” cut on my throat/neck but thought it was a little dangerous.

    Now I know :)

  14. i dont find cutting and branding bad or harmful but when you take it to the level were its on your wrist or neck so much could go wrong i mean really if you were to mess up on your arm it or leg who cares just touch it up but mess up on your neck as in go to deep your fucked or your wrist your fucked

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