Hand Poked Swastika Toes

I assume that the gnarly toenails are just discolored from the ink in this fresh toe tattoo done by Marc at Swastika Freakshop in Germany.

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37 thoughts on “Hand Poked Swastika Toes

  1. ha ha ha .. ok I think the first 2 toes look gross and yes yellow .. dermatifite..ect.. but then why are the other toes so clean looking ? and on the Tattoo I didnt even see the Swazticas the first time I looked .. now I see them ..its sorta like one of those thing that say smile

  2. #4 I think you’re right about the Lamisil. (But it still wouldn’t hurt to throw that exorcism in as well.)

  3. It could simply be from the fact that it’s a hand poked tattoo everyone…don’t be so quick to jump to a conclusion lol.

  4. #4 hahaha, exorcism.

    No, thats that disease, I forget what it is called. My grandma and my dad have it and it looks just like that, absolutely disgusting. And it doesn’t have to be every toenail.

  5. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s something like “under toenails fungus” or something.. my grandma also has it, it makes her toenails look about a cm thick and disgusting and black and yellow like that. Rofl I love how you’re all commenting on his feet and not the tattoos! Which are cool looking, by the way.

  6. it’s a badly damaged nail plate that got infected,
    looks like his foot got landed on…
    I know someone who’s got the same thing going on, not blackened though.
    Lovely tattoos at any rate, I’d love to have a hand poked design done someday,

  7. Having a tattoo put right above a putrid set of toenails is, in my mind, kinda like bothering to put on lipstick when you’ve got a huge glob of snot hanging from your nostril.

  8. Fungal infection!! Most like from a damaged nail as #24 said. Ok, this is what you do. Collect all the crap from under that nail and all the cuttings of the nail and put them in a little specimen bottle. Bring it to your doctor so they can send it off to a lab. The lab people shall grow the fungi and develop a specific cure for it and wa la! Toenails of death are gone!

    All that black crap is probably dirt that has been trapped under the hollow nail. UNLESS it really isnt a fungal infection, then IDK.

  9. My dads toes have looked that ever since he was in vietnam. No matter how much we complain he SAYS it’s jungle rot and there isn’t anything that can be done about it. I think he just enjoys freaking us out with them.

  10. Am currently trying handpoking tattooing, it’s f**king difficult at the best of times so nicely done to get it so well done on a toe.

    Swastika tattoos always nice to see.

    Manky toenails aren’t though. Ewwwwww

  11. 2 of my toenails are a bit like that.. minus the black-ness.. so er.. you guys just made me feel a whole lot better about that, haha.. been to the doctors though, sent a sample off etc..

    anyway.. oh yeah, tattoos..

  12. Feet make me squiky to begin with.. so really funky feet make me especially prone to shudders.. but the tattoos are so awesome that I can’t help but look. I just try to avoid looking directly at the toenails, kind of like how you avoid looking directly at the sun for fear of blindness.

    The tats are super sweet. I love the design of the swastikas, it’s hard to see them at first unless you know they are there. Beautiful work.

  13. I deduce that the funkiness of his two toenails has something to do with the tattoos. His other toenails are just fine.

  14. #27, that second toe looks just like a bruise, but i’m sure you’re right about that being fungal, yellow is not a natural toe colour. yuck. get that shit checked out. i sure hope the tattoo artist didnt get too close to that, even with gloves i’d still want to stay clear of that.

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