26 thoughts on “White Ink Facial Tattoos

  1. Giles @ 5: Indeed, it certainly looks like it. — I am also loving the white ink work I’ve been seeing. Hmmmm, time to consult with my artist!

  2. I fucking love it except for the two different types of jewelry in his lip. It just irks me when people’s jewelry doesn’t match

  3. I love how they’re not ‘typical’ placements of facial tattoos.
    How pretty. 🙂
    I love the stretched Medusa too.

  4. I love how the inside of his nose is lit up.. because the holes in his nostrils are so big, it lets in the light and you basically get a beam of light right into the nose and voila, a lit nose!

  5. I love how this guy always wears co ordinated jewellery in his larger piercings. I don’t know why, I just really like it. And the facial work is really nice.

  6. Is the shade of white a product of the type of ink, or the person’s skin?

    I’ve got a small white tattoo (about 8 months old now) that is the same shade as this one, it sometimes almost looks gray rather than white to me. I’d been hoping for a white that would blend better with my skin, whereas gray just looks out of place.


  7. Can’t say I’m a fan of stretched facial peircings usually, but this is nice 🙂 because he face doesn’t look to swollen 🙂

    love the white ink though 🙂 really original and clean looking 🙂


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