IAM nearly back online

With the exception of one or two functions, IAM is approaching being back online. If you’d like to use it now, before DNS updates, you can add the following to your hosts file (please only do this if you understand what you’re doing): iam.bmezine.com

The only function that I know is not working is that my mime encoding is offline so you can’t currently email entries with pictures to yourself. Everything else appears to be working. If you find other stuff that’s offline, please send it to me at [email protected].

26 thoughts on “IAM nearly back online

  1. Do you have an approximate time in how much longer that will be? I don’t know how to do the host thing. Thanks Shannon.

  2. Oh…It will be back soon. Thank – uh…not god – Shannon I suppose. I can’t wait. There has been a little empty feeling in my heart while it’s been down 😛

  3. I was about to sign up for Christen’s support group too… *stands* Hi, I’m John, and I’m an IAMaholic…

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