21 thoughts on “Tattoos Reflect Life (and Life-Saving)

  1. I’m sure the two white hearts are from stickers you put on your body when you tan in booths and beds. They are used to track your tanning process.

  2. Leeanne – I don’t know, what’s the difference between a male firefighter and a firefighter? In one case the gender is noted and the other it isn’t.

    Given that firefighting is almost exclusively a boy’s club, I think gender notation is perfectly acceptable to mention.

  3. Shannon – I just thought that the gender of the firefighter in question would be reasonably clear from the picture itself. Labeling her simply a ‘firefighter’ would have gotten the point across just fine, I feel.

    I’m not accusing you of being sexist or anything, I just felt the need to comment.

  4. A firefighter, as opposed to a female firefighter, is in a state of indeterminate gender, a la schrodinger’s cat. the probability waveform of their sex has not yet collapsed, until when you drop their pants and see which genitalia is now in your face, and the waveform resolves into a determined male firefighter or female firefighter.

  5. we can’t see any genetalia in the picture, I think the mention of gender is completely acceptable. It could have been a hairless man, there have been less common things on modblog!

  6. Oh, I love Modblog, where we automatically think “Cool scar!” and it’s only tanning bed stickers. And then think “awww…too bad.”

    And I agree with 16 & 17 – this is not high quality work, but I’m glad she likes it!

  7. The difference between a male firefighter and a female? Easy…which would you rather coming to pull your ass out of a fire!!!

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