23 thoughts on “Tattoos like BME

  1. Am I the only one who when looking at it, had to turn their head to see it, because they thought it was a woman with a pierced anus at first?

    BME has fucked my mind, hard.

  2. …When I got to looking at it again, I really like it, I just thought I’d put that out there, that BME has totally realigned how I see even the most seemingly innocuous things, that I always look for it to be something much worse than it seems. lol.

  3. im so on the level you are on nathan! 5 months ago i was a virgin to body mod’s…..now i see something bloody, cut off, cut open or anything of that sort and i dont even react!! lol

  4. does it coloured in?
    looks really good with just the outlines, i think.
    .. it’s a bit like this minor threat record cover…

  5. i think it looks a little too cartoonish.
    maybe that is what he was going for.
    but there is no depth to the tattoo…
    maybe it will come when he gets it colored in?
    either way, im not that impressed.

  6. the arms look terrible, and the hands are really akward looking. gotta agree with polonius, poorly done!

  7. I was there when he got it, he loves it, and so do I. Sorry not everyones tattoos can meet “The Standard.” Its his for life, not yours so why bother complaining about it?

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