22 thoughts on “Stay Bloody, London!

  1. i don’t know you roo…but from what everyone else says you are a gem. thanks for bringing s. back home for the holidaze.

    if i knew a brand would like like this one i’d be all over it.

  2. the scarification i had done on my leg at Scarwars had a lot of crosshatch done on it.

    it turned out pretty nice!

    i’ll have to send in some before/healed pictures.

  3. I feel like I’ve come home. Seeing familiar names, and wonderful content. Long time coming, patience has its rewards. That scarification is way super. I am still working on the my last one. I can take the cutting for about two hours, then i have to stop. My hat is off to you.

  4. looks so great, i love the cross hatch but have never seen heald pics of it and wonder if its just as lovely. im so glad i get to view it in its rightful home, welcome back we loved you and missed you. make yourself comfortable cuz your here to stay.

  5. The cutting looks awesome. Roo and Shannon rock.
    And we’re gonna have a wonderful holiday =)

  6. Well that looks like mine!

    Ill post a pic of it when its fully healed, i must say ryan was amazing both as a person and an artist, never have i been so inspired.
    Guess ryan sent off the pic? i didn’t thanks buddy!

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