KayLeigh and her Mum

At a time of year when far too many people are being reminded of their broken families, with generation gaps accentuated by devastating absences of empathy and understanding, coupled with a divorce rate that makes bitterness the norm, I really liked this story of family togetherness that my friend KayLeigh sent me, and I’d like to share it as my “Christmas Eve Message”, to the extent that I have one.

KayLeigh has wanted to get a facial tattoo for a bit over a year now, but wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted. When she recently saw Kat Von D’s stars, she fell in love with the idea and knew something in that vein was right for her. She didn’t jump right in and do it, but after debating it for a long while to make sure she really wanted it, she had her tattoo artist Jane Hazard draw up the design.

The part of the story though that I really like is that her mother, a purchase manager at a control panel company, recently got a promotion and wanted to celebrate — she’s got lots of tattoos already, and had been eyeing a swirly facial tattoo for herself… So the timing was perfect, and as she put it, “most mother-daughters go shopping, we get tattooed!”

Both KayLeigh and her mother live in a small town “where everyone knows everyone and news travels fast”, so it must be nice to have each other’s support — they’re definitely already encountering some resistance to their decision. Too often parents and kids are at odds over what could easily be a bonding experience, and it’s very nice to hear a story that reflects a positive experience.


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24 thoughts on “KayLeigh and her Mum

  1. Wow those are both beautiful! I’ve always loved facial tats, and those are really nice. I love her mom’s especially, they’re so delicate…

  2. Beautiful!
    Swirlies and stars are my favorite things ever.
    And KayLeigh has very pretty eyes.

  3. “She didn’t jump right in and do it, but after debating it for a long while to make sure she really wanted it”

    she’s only wanted facial tattoo work for a year. how is less than a year “a long while” to debate facial work in anyone’s book?

    the work is nice, but i personally feel this deserves a lot more consideration than what is implied here.

  4. I love that the mother daughter thing. My mom would NEVER get a tattoo so thats just awesome to see them sharing such a permanent interest. It is soo cool how the mom wanted to celebrate with getting a tattoo I also love both designs.

  5. my first tattoo was done with my mom. we both skipped school/work (i was 17) and got tattooed.

    it’s the best.


  6. thank you for all the comments.

    @ lishd and cuntcumber: a year may not seem like a long time but it most certainly is, and as far as copying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

    i have recieved many objections to what has become a marker in my life, but as far as i see it, i already have MANY tattoos, including tattoos on my hand, so a facial tattoo really is not that extreme.

    merry christmas everyone :)


  7. Both are really beautiful. My Mom and I have discussed getting tattooed together, we live on opposite coasts, but get together twice a year. I only hope ours would come out as well as these.

  8. so beautiful! my mom always said my tattoos were “white trash” until my father died and she decided to get one too, my sister held her hand, and i paid for it. weird? but it brought the three of us much closer together..

  9. wow, those are both beautiful! I can definitely say that i love the mom’s tattoo the best of the two though :P

  10. i speculate that both of their tattoos could be easily covered with the right hair style. not that they would ever want to cover them because they are very attractive. and i have to comment on the color of kayleighs eyes…weather they are contacts or not.

  11. @ kaykay: yeah my mums hair falls directly over her tattoo, you can only see the top most part, and when my hair is down all you see is the bottom three stars and dots.

    and nope i dont wear contacts :D cant stand them, i wear glasses. thankies muchly :)

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