20 thoughts on “Nikki’s Ear Pointing

  1. Looks absolutely wonderful, but I often see different ear pointings and wonder how the big space inside the fold is cleaned (?).

  2. I spelled that incorrectly, I’m sorry.
    I prefer the modblogged pictures with people smiling, but her ears look pretty good. I would have thought that they’d be less cooperative at three weeks.

  3. In regards to what Hanargh said – I was just sat here thinking – does anyone have any idea if infections is common with these procedures (under the fold)? Also, skin irritation from buildup of sweat/dirt/etc – at all common or not? Personally, I like heavy mods and all, but for some reason this particular one just seems like a bad idea to me from a technical pov.. Am I way off or what? Comments from elfs appreciated.

  4. I thought q-tip, but that fold must be pretty big – it’d be a hefty job for a little q tip. I imagine it takes a while. Serenity pretty much summed up the questions in regard to hygiene and build up 🙂

  5. wow… she looks just TICKLED pink….

    That aside, the pointing looks good. I’ve seen too many that just look… bad. The guy did an amazing job!

  6. Steven, you creep. Anyhow – to answer your question Hanargh, I sprayed it with saline until the sutures were removed and the scabbing healed up, now to keep the inside clean I just buy superstore brand q-tips (they’re tighter wound and have smaller tips on them) to keep the yuckies out.
    Most often the infection or irritation in this procedure comes from an allergic reaction to either dissolvable or silk sutures.

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