Feedback from Randy Sandoval

Randy Sandoval (aka “swarfmacdaddy” — artist’s impression below), a 47 year old CNC machinist and Blues fan from Sacramento, CA, wrote me with this charming site feedback,

From: “Randy Sandoval” [email protected]
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 22:09:25 -0800

Bme has got to be the most fucked up shit I have ever seen in my life! All is not lost though, as this is just a symptom of the impending end of mankind polluting this planet with its sickness. This planet will be better off without us, if this is how people reach enlightenment.

P.S. Fuck you and get a life

Well Randy, sorry your evening foray into edgy porn moved a little too far into the wild world of BME, but I do commend you on reaching the conclusion that the planet will be better off without you.


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54 thoughts on “Feedback from Randy Sandoval

  1. errr…. what?
    you guys get hate mail all the time yeah? why didn’t you just ignore it?

  2. it says a lot about him that he cant just live and let live,
    and tbh i think body modification is a lot more understandable than outright agression to a community of strangers.

  3. you know the first thing that popped in my mind was geek/pedophile. i know that’s mean, but when you just have to talk shit about something, the one who screams the loudest is usually the one with something unseemly going on just under the surface…larry craig anyone.

  4. Good old Randy must really think a lot of himself to feel confident enough to judge and condem such a large, thriving community of individuals from so many different walks of life.

    I wonder if Randy’s life is a little bit empty…

  5. whats sad is that.. its people like this that might benefit most from having some kind of authority over how their body looks. poor guy. look into it a bit more, you may be surprised at what appeals to you..

  6. damn this guy is judging us.i think we should fill his mail box with comments about that thing under his neck,i mean double chin.

  7. he has a point. “This planet will be better off without us” but then it would just be boring and normal, and who wants that?

  8. Yeah I have to agree with gillian. I think that for a community which values the opinions of individuals alongside the freedom to express ourselves in whichever method its kinda lame to push this guy forward for public persecution.
    I appreciate that while various issues remain uncomfortably present within the bmezine group its easy to point at others as a coping mechanism.

    armchair psychology/sociology session over.

    on with the much enriched content. many thanks roo&shannon

    If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends, and the IAM/BME TOS applies here. think that this post may work against that?

  9. Hehehe
    I think I would prefer the BME way of reaching enlightenment, compared to the sitting in Sacramento writing hatemail way.
    (no offence to nice people from Sacramento intended)

  10. gillian/LAwatts – Of course, there is a huge difference between defending someone’s right to say something (which I agree with), and defending what they’re saying (which I do not agree with).

  11. Interesting comment by Shannon that these are evidently rare these days. I used to really enjoy the ‘Funmail’ series that ran from 1995 up until around 2000. I don’t think anyone got made fun of then who didn’t deserve it, and if you look at the bottom of this selection from January 2000, for instance, there are in fact some follow-up messages of support:

  12. that dude is fuckin’ ugly. i make it a point not to have ugly people around me cos they’re a wee bit naff. thats my misanthropy getting the better of me though. i digress… that guy is ugly.

  13. evildustin – You got a problem with fat dudes?

    And how does anybody insulting him preserve this community
    for crass and pointless b.s that he slung this way?

    Irony anybody?

  14. i feel sorry for him cause hes sad with him self . fuck him for saying shit about BME.
    the world will be a better place with out people like him .

  15. hearts alive-no i dont but i do with people looking on mod blog for what ever reason they have and leaving negative comments on people with mods,thats like looking at playboy and knocking fake breast,and maybe it was childish for the last comment i made,and people have a right for there opinions,maybe we should play nice,naw fuck it,like rambo said he drew first blood and it is his time to pay.

  16. Understood. We don’t have to play nice, just righteously.

    Which is one reason why I admire your inclusion of a Rambo quote.

  17. maybe here is some insight about a 1/2 of a year ago some one took a photos from this site and placed it on some web site where people comment on the photos and such,so a friends sent me a link and to my amazement it was a photo of me with my facial branding tons of negative comments about i don,t take it softly when people say not so nice things about people with mods,and it is easy to poke fun of people on there p.cs,try it in real life.we should stand together and stick up for our selfs.

  18. I think hate mail is the best. It really lets you know you’re doing something right if it makes “them” uncomfortable enough to write.

  19. You could always call Randy and tell him what you think… He is listed in the white pages.

  20. Despite the fact that people have a right to an opinion, I very VERY rarely think it’s justified that people do it in such a ridiculous way. “Fuck you and get a life”? It’s not necessary.
    Pfft. People!

  21. I am embarrassed for all CNC machinists. Including myself. On behalf of all of machinists everywhere, WERE NOT ALL LIKE THAT! One of my good friends who works on a CNC machine has pink hair and has more tattoos and piercings than I can count.

  22. “On behalf of all of machinists everywhere, WERE NOT ALL LIKE THAT!” -TOflat

    I’m glad you cleared this up!!

  23. Hey! TyTweeder! I could use some great pot. ;)

    But really, this poor loser… Trolling on the holidays, nothing better to do, looking for some wank material on the intertubes and when it didn’t present in the manner he wanted, he pissed on Shannon in a petty act of retaliation. To hell with him. He ain’t worth the effort.

    Besides, look at that photo. Blech!! That boy could use a mod or two, maybe then living women would look at him.

  24. Aside from the ‘fuck you and get a life’ business at the end (fuck you and get a life.. that sentence just baffles me when someone actually takes the time out of their day to say it..), I really don’t think that was such a terrible message. At least not compared to the previously referenced funmails that used to come in way back when.. That was some fucked up shit. And also hilarious. As for his point that we are all gonne be off the planet in not too long though – I hear that.. But selfishly, I hope we can keep stretching our piercings and torturing our genitals till then..


  25. As lowly as I think his opinion is, I think some of the replies here as worthless.

    I would rather live in a world where we can have a differing opion to tothers than one where we are silenced. He thinks we are sick etc Good for him it does not impact on my day in the least. Plus why argue with people who only seek a response from you so they can confirm their own belief system.

    Drinks anyone :)

  26. the guy was on an episode of entourage!or i believe it was suppose to be him? R.J. Spencer

    shannon on entourage they bribed him into giving them a good review by supplying the Pussy Patrol

    i may be way off but thats what i saw when i saw his face

  27. So true Shannon. If someone is so close-minded why even bother to look up porn or a site that is for mods? Why waste everyone’s time with a pathetic comment that just proves how ignorant someone can still be in this century? I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still marvel that these types of people still exist.

  28. It’s slightly depressing to be reminded that there are still ignorant, loud-mouthed morons out there who have nothing better to do than to rag on others for things that give them personal pleasure and happiness in life.
    Then I come to the same conclusion, which gives me morbid cheer; they have no real pleasure in their own lives, so -of course- they have to attack someone else’s!
    If that fails, I can remind myself that I could jump in a puddle of him without getting the tops of my toes wet.

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