21 thoughts on “Not So Brittle

  1. finally! a big(ger) lady! she’s quite fetching ;)

    and how come there is only 1 comment?! lame.

  2. hell yeah!
    boobs is great… seems like its been a while without breastisis on modblog… thanks brittle.

  3. I dont want to start a disgusion here, but I think it is really stupid to write things like “And she definitly wouldn’t be AS beautiful if she was typically slim.” (She wouldnt even look like the same person if she was slim). People always comment that skinny girls get all the attention on modblog, and when someone gorgeous plus size girl gets featured here you dont have to emphasize that she is beautiful ’cause she is big, we can all see that. She is not featured here cause she is plus sized and happens to have great mods, she is on modblog ’cause of her beautiful mods, and she happens to be a plus size girl. Its only a plus that she happens to be bigger that most of the girls that are here (I know, alot of plus’es here, but my vocabulary is not to broad).
    And to just say that I, like most of the bright women (and men) on here, am not to fond of skinny, big breasted girls with “only” a tribal tatto, or a navel piercing on here. HEAVY MODDED GIRLS IN ALL SIZES ON MODBLOG!!

  4. I agree with punkelvse in that I personally think weight is totally irrelevant… I like to see a person who’s healthy of course and find someone who’s skinny or heavy in an unhealthy way unattractive, but other than that I see weight as completely irrelevant… I’m more interested in the way a person presents who they are.

  5. I love chubby girls but I agree that it’s irritating the way people react when one features on modblog. Even worse is the “finally, a REAL women” type of comment.

    Either way, she is beautiful.

  6. I love the mods, but would love to know what the text is because I love the things people come up with. On the note of size, I clicked through and only saw her mods- and wished my makeup came out that well. :P

  7. She looks like someone I went to school with.

    I love when I find people that can pull off facial piercings, especially several. On some, it looks cluttered, not well synchronized, or tacky.

    Compliments on her modifications!

  8. It says “Nothing loved is ever lost or perished” my younger cousin who I was really close to passed away 3 years ago from lupus.. so its all for her :]

    and thanks everyone for the compliments

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