How Refreshing!

The BBC have just emailed me, warning that very soon the world’s going to be hit by an F5 shortage and a decrease in the availability of Apple + R’s!

Which reminded me of something, once you’re registered and logged into ModBlog, you can click here to see when the next scheduled update is due to appear. There’s nothing queued at the moment but when there is they will be displayed below the Posts widget on the right hand side.

That page is also available by clicking on Site Admin (on the right of this page below Archives) then Dashboard.

Do your bit, save the F5orests.

- Roo
[email protected]

(Usual updates will resume tomorrow morning at the latest.)

8 thoughts on “How Refreshing!

  1. Updates as in BME updates or as in ModBlog entries? The last would make more sense but i really wish this crap would end and get back to normal.

  2. oh thats handy. its like seeing into the future!

    …and i sat here for about 30 seconds trying to figure out wtf you were talking about with F5, hah!

  3. i usually get modblog updates through my aggregator, but i have to view the web page in order to see the pictures – what you’re saying frequently makes no sense if there are no pictures, although some blogs (including my own) allow pictures to go into RSS feeds… if i recall correctly, modblog used to have pictures in their RSS feeds as well, but now they don’t… any reason why?

  4. LAwatts – I missed that email, I think they only sent that warning out to Apple users. I’ve edited the entry just so people are prepared.

    hullwork – It’s fun to confuse people.

  5. przxqgl – Thanks for mentioning this — assuming it’s not fixed before then, I’ll gladly reactivate that feature when I’m able to get at those settings (if I forget, please remind me). I think at some point in the last few months many of the settings on the blog got reset to a default installation — I doubt it was turned off on purpose.

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