I see a touch-up in your future


My friend Anders in Marsden, Australia, did the simple but great five-ring lip project above, as well as all the microdermals below, with the first and the last one both being tattoo-metal interaction projects. It won’t make a difference on the first four of course, but I guess the one downside to having a pretty neat looking mod like this is that one day the scar from the microdermal will have to be repaired…

anders-microdermals-1.jpg anders-microdermals-2.jpg anders-microdermals-3.jpg anders-microdermals-4.jpg anders-microdermals-5.jpg

21 thoughts on “I see a touch-up in your future

  1. You’re fucking with my mind Shannon! 🙂 “one day the scar from the microdermal will have to be repaired” makes me almost not want to get microdermals. As long as it heals great and have a good placement shouldn’t you be able to have it for a really really long time? Unless something out of the ordinary happens to it of course.

  2. Twiggy, I’m just referring to tattoo touch-up on the one where the microdermal intersects the tattoo… nothing scary!!!

  3. does this affect his ability to play didjeridu? that’s the only thing standing in the way of my getting something like this…

  4. Oh, I actually have another question.

    With microdermals, how difficult is it to get touch-ups on the tattoo? Around where the microdermal is, I mean.

  5. I like microdermals… but I can’t think of where I would get one on me. I really want to experience having one though, from the piercing to the healing to the likely eventual removal. Just to know what it’s like. The lip project makes me smile as I imagine he’ll be chewing food on the right side of his mouth for a while. 🙂

  6. Shannon, yeah i know but i was just thinking about the life time on microdermals. It’s really expensive for me to get them here and it would suck if i couldn’t have them for at least 5 years or something. Your comment just made me start thinking about it a little bit 🙂

  7. The lip project is awesome! And @Dylan, a place that you can easily take care of and protect against bacterias, moving, clothes and hair that gets in it and curious people (or people that think it’s a fly or piece of dirt) 😛

  8. That looks great! I’d love to see an entire lip done with the different ring sizes.

  9. I love love love those lip rings! I really like tattoo/metal interactions, I’d love to see more.

  10. in regards to scarring, i can say anders’ own microdermal on the bridge directly between the eyes shows little to no damage after self-removal.

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