“The most fun ever for a school project”

Myjah’s friend Alex was taking a photography course at their local community college, and for his final project, an elective, he asked for Myjah’s help.

He gave me a call and asked if I would let him snap a couple of photos of the few mods I have. Of course, that led to him asking if I would actually consent to being pierced by him that night, and voila! My first play piercing session. I think the funniest bit about it was that he had the most stand-out subject in the class — everybody else shot pictures of their pets or houses, albeit in an artsy way. I have a feeling we had more fun with this final than the others.

Below is one of Alex’s black and white shots (“with mild boobage”), and after the break are a few more photos that were taken with Myjah’s digital camera.




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17 thoughts on ““The most fun ever for a school project”

  1. nice, im studying as a designer and i always wanted to do a project based on mods but i could never fit it in to the briefs.

  2. muddud–totally lame, agreed
    you have so many 13 year olds posting pictures of themselves in their underwear, yet something with actual artistic value will get myspace deleted

    I hate hate HATE the american view of the human body. We are taught from the moment we are born to be ashamed of who we are. I could go on for hours ranting…

  3. you know, my myspace got deleted for pictures of my suspension… I’ve seen advertisements on myspace more violent than either these pictures or my own. Tom is a hypocritical bastard!

  4. thanks for all the compliments!!!
    yeah i was so pissed when my page was deleted because the pictures are not obscene in any way shape or form!!!! yet all the kids get to have arbitrary ass and titty shots so they can be stalked by old men
    i think what is salt in the wound too was i had the profile for five years!!!! i lost so much they did not even warn me either lame….

    but now that i have the new one people should re-add or add me for the first time please!!!!!

  5. giles-yeah they totally did and i didnt even have up such explicet shots with the “mild boobage”
    kwaniesiam-no argument on my part i just do not wnat to spring for an IAM right now with all the turmoil going on

  6. Maybe the MySpace pages were deleted because most people don’t understand the difference between body modification and self-mutilation? I could understand if people running a social networking site for teenagers don’t want to allow pictures that they think are encouraging kids to cut themselves. Still, they should have let you guys explain first.

  7. This reminds of of an incident that happened to me a while ago, for my A-level media documentary i filmed a play piercing sessions on me by myself, and then interviewed my ‘modded’ friends, Unfortunately when i handed the footage in they recognized it had been shot on collage grounds and immediately threw me off the course, and from the collage, upsetting but life is a big lesson. Great shots and glad you didn’t make same mistake as me.

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