“Game of Life” Tattoo Update

You probably remember that about a month before I lost the ability to post here directly Nicole sent in some great shots of the outline of her “Game of Life” chestpiece tattoo by Chat Whitson at Art and Soul (warning: link has loud music) in Kalamazoo. He’s had a chance to fill it, and, as expected, it looks quite amazing. There are a couple of closeups after the break.

PS. Thanks to Roo for helping get the images for this entry!




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27 thoughts on ““Game of Life” Tattoo Update

  1. Oh wow, I loved the outline and have actually been waiting for this to be coloured in!
    It’s come out so nicely it’s stunning :D
    It’s so bright and eyecatching and such a good design, and I agree the white ink deffinatley makes it pop!

  2. I was actually looking through the old posts a few days ago and saw the outline. I was wondering when we were going to have the follow-up. Thanks :D

    It looks awesome. I love the colour and attention to detail.

  3. Beautiful colors! One thing I’d like to ask though, is how you managed the outer sections (IE, under your bra strap). I’ve seen pics of other work where the irritation of tight clothing can ruin everything and since I’m looking into a piece to go on my upper left chest, I’d love any pointers you have. (This is especially important to me because hubby got some work done and it must have been a heavy handed artist, 3 months later he’s still got raised/scarred (?) patches-And I REALLY want to avoid that).

  4. hey thanks! i’m glad that its getting such great comments:) i love it, its by far my favortie one that i have currently.

    a few things tho. CHAD (the artist that did it) is no longer at Art & Soul. he’s currently traveling around the west coast, between San Diego and Arizona. i miss him bunches. . . also, as far as the healing, it was really quite painful, since i was getting it worked on about everyother week. there was a lot of not being able to wear a bra (for the person that asked) and i had some splitting even, but the color all held.

  5. Excellent tattoo. Wonderful colors. I started getting inked in 1977, and New Skool was not known them.

  6. Great tattoo.
    And there will always be haters to everything, don’t let them get you down.
    And I agree, that game does suck, that doesn’t meen I’m giving up on it :)

  7. the game might suck, the tattoo does not…and life its self is the greatest gift to ever have been bestowed upon lowly hunks of matter such as ourselves, you will learn that if you are unlucky enough to be told you might not have have it for much longer.

    sorry to rant…i like living

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