Bach Fan Tattoo

So I discovered recently that sometimes people get music tattoos that aren’t the HIM logo or something Slipknot related! Anji from High Priestess in Eugene, OR sent this one in;

“She’s a musician, she plays classical music, and she loves Bach. So we did an exact copy of his signature on her. The ink is black mixed down with a little brown, so as it heals it will look warm, like olde timey calligraphy ink. I really like this tattoo — sometimes the little stuff is my favorite.”

I agree, and I really like the subtle touch of mixing brown in with the black ink.


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13 thoughts on “Bach Fan Tattoo

  1. I absolutely love this idea, not a fan of band tattoos but this is so unique and fitting for classical musician. Kudos on being creative and historicially accurate.

  2. I like the attention to detail by “antiquing” the ink. We used a similar technique to get a metal and shadow look on my arms, so I think that it will look great. Love the idea, too.

  3. I especially love this tattoo cuz i have some of Bach’s sheetmusic to toccata and fugue in d minor thrown in my sleeve in progress. maybe i’ll throw in a picture of it when my sleeve is done =)

  4. I most definatly read “Beach Fan Tattoo” and was a little confused as to how the title related to the tattoo until I read the title again.

  5. @AJ Apathy on January 15th, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    I once had a masterclass with Gyorgy Sebok and he claimed that BWV565 (the d minor toccata und fuge) wasn’t composed by JSB. He mentioned the stylistic elements that can’t be found in other JSB works. His hypothesis was that JS Bach’s wife copied it from a student of Buxtehude. It all seemed very plausible.
    But it’s a great piece of course!

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