Gabor’s Hand Scar

When my friend Gabor from Poland Budapest, Hungary, originally did his DIY skin removal (the post was on BodyTwo — when I am able to move the content here you’ll be able to see it again), there was some debate on how it would heal. I’m happy to say that those who were concerned no longer need to worry as the keloid is beautifully even and consistent. Given that (a) it can’t be easy to cut your own hand, and (b) this is a high motion area, it really is a job very well done!


34 thoughts on “Gabor’s Hand Scar

  1. neato!
    i wonder what his job is…
    that would never fly in my line of work as i work in a kitchen
    cutting your finger sucks
    having to cover it with a band aid and finger cot makes it harder to do production and prep
    having a giant wound/scab would be rediculously hard i think

  2. Commonwealth. I’m a cook, and I’ve survived an attempt to scar both palms at once, and tattoos on my fingers. Once the bandaids are off, gloves don’t actually hinder you that much. just oil the one that your knife slides against. And don’t grab a hot pan, they melt 🙁

  3. #9, I was going to say the same thing, he’s from Hungary. He was also on the Hungarian TV, introducing our country to scarification.

  4. I am astounded by the precision of this scar… Bet he couldn’t do a matching one on his other hand tho! 😉

  5. its beautiful – and so is the guy with it – shocked no one else has pointed that out yet…

  6. i have to go along with athenstx, looking at that just makes me think of my keloids and how much they are irritated. it looks nice though!

  7. Kinda looks like he put his hand upside-down on a stove’s burner… 🙂

    Really is pretty freakin’ awesome though. Scarring can look so… unpretty sometimes. This is not one of those times.

  8. this looks very similar to the hand brand chris (iam:agnostic) has. i love it, looks great.

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