Psycho Cyborgs – Birmingham 2007

Nik was in Birmingham, UK doing some work for Tattoo Nation UK when he shot these photos at a Psycho Cyborgs stage show. As soon as the final steps required to update the site are taken you’ll see tons more from Nik in the Psycho Cyborgs gallery on BME — until then, a few more continue after the break, and I think Roo is working with Sammpa to get some high quality video of their show up here as well soon.





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19 thoughts on “Psycho Cyborgs – Birmingham 2007

  1. There are very few things nowadays on BME that kinda get me twinging. This is one of them.

  2. WOOP – My hometown at last. Sadly I missed them due to family commitments but I believe this was at Scarlet Fetish club.

  3. It’s hard to believe that there are actually people that cool out there. God damn!

    I somehow doubt they’ll be doing a show in Vancouver anytime soon, but if they did, I’d SO be checking out that action. They put the Zombie Walk to shame.

  4. It’s great to see performers like this. I live in a city in the north of England and am hopin to put on a show like this…it’s a dream of mine to work with these guys at some stage in my performance career.

  5. mid coast i will if you get me some diamonds ;)
    giles nah it was at the ink and iron tattoo convention

  6. She is such a nice person – she pierced me at Self Sacrifice, Oxford Street, London! I am definately going back to her for any more work that I want..!

  7. I’ve often wondered what the backstage procedure is like for preparing one’s self for this type of performance? It must be quite an adrenalin/endorphin(?) rush to participate in such a physically and mentally challenging production.

  8. InkSlinger, I’ve wondered that too. It’s bad enough when you really can’t be arsed to go & teach a class of kids, or wait tables or sit in an office all day, but when THIS is your job… Surely even these guys must have days when they struggle to muster up some enthusiasm & that must take some astounding amounts of willpower to get past.

  9. i was there… was awesome!!! well the show was….getting fainted on by 2 separate 6 foot goth dudes was not very awesome…..

  10. hi, could anybody tell me the name of the girl with the psycho cyborgs on these pictures? till now – even trying hard- it was not possible. please help! thank’s, richer69

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