Dermal Anchor Artwork

My friend Sean Dowdell from Club Tattoo is holding a few dermal anchor seminars (click for a flyer), so let me share with you two gorgeous dermal anchor projects he’s done (the angel wings one I’ve actually posted before, but this is a much nicer photo). First, this Om is really something, in terms of really characterizing the level of “art” that these can bring to what’s traditionally more of a “craft”:


As is this metal angel… Hopefully Caitlin and I can make it out to see him at the Maritime Tattoo Festival in Halifax this May, which is one of his seminar destinations along with Baltimore, Mesa, Philly, and Long Beach.


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52 thoughts on “Dermal Anchor Artwork

  1. that om is amazing.

    i’m hoping to get a dermal anchor in my cleavage area soon, that def goes above and beyond

    love it.

  2. All I can say is WoW !!! My mouth had dropped open. I’ve never imagined you could do that much with dermal anchors. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos, piercings and models! I love the wings, it’d be kind of uncomfortable to lay on tho, well I guess you’d get used to it.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, I’ve seen the wings before here on Modblog but I still just love them (I’m a fan of full-back wings anyway)

  5. This really brings dermal anchoring on a higher artistic level. I think it is way more aestetic than the traditional ornament because it does not need the distracting chain or necklace, and stays in place. I like them this way, but I could also see how they could greatly combine with tattoo work. But I do also wonder about them catching to clothes or how it would to lay on them.

  6. Maravilhoso trabalho





    Ed. Venâncio IV 5º andar SL 524

    61 3321 1328 ou 9948 5460

  7. I’ve never been a massive fan of dermal anchors, but they are both soooo pretty! Hats off to the photographer too; these are beautiful photos.

  8. I would think she doesn’t wear bra, the space between two anchors on that part of the back just looks so small in the picture a bra wouldn’t fit in there and if she put it over the anchors it would irritate them like hell. But everything is possible, maybe she found out a solutin.

  9. I’m with John D on this. They look great, but I have doubts on how well thats going to look in a year. Not to mention that 95% of the people that will look at this pic will never be able to grasp the healing factor of the project. Hell, 95% of the piercers that look at this pic won’t have a concept on how to properly perform something like this.

  10. I think Mangaartist is right. It looks like she can never wear a bra, nor ever sleep on her back. Oh, what pains we go through for beauty’s sake! But, it is well worth it for such beauty. Makes it all worth the while.

  11. Luis/John – Definitely interested in hearing your feedback and concerns since you’re both very experienced with surface work in general… As you know, microdermals certainly seem to be standing up very well.

  12. It looks really cool, for sure… My thing is just like previously mentioned, for sure 95% percent of the people that see this think they can just wander on in, get this done and it will look cool forever… Just not true.. Im always a fan of function first, fashion second. Sometimes less is more. I find it makes my clients happier over the long term. Looks cool, but functional??? Come on…

  13. I’d agree that the back one is going to be trouble but I think the Om is very doabe and should be possible to keep in the relative longterm.

  14. for the record the wings are almost a year old now. so I guess there goes the it’ll never work aspect. and akthough Im also a fan of less is more. but are you really going to deny the pieces strengths? seriously? john and luis are both great practitoners and I have nothing but respect for you guys. but shame on you for suggesting its just a ” hey there walk in customer I never met. get this.” project. oh and I believe the ohm is roughly six months.

  15. Retainable? Did you not read what Trevor wrote? I can vouch for both of these. The wings are around a year old (they were long since healed by the Valley of the Sun expo last year). And the Om is many months old.
    In reference to the wings with the exception of her losing one of the screw on gems from time to time, she has no problems.

    So. To recap. Doable? Obviously. Retainable? Evidentally. Practical? In this case, yes. Undoubtedly.

  16. I could say so much more here but the wings are 1.5 years old, they healed up beautifully. The ohm is about 6 months old. It healed up beautifully.

    I find it funny that John worked for me and that he has the audacity to put me down on this.

    Is this the same John Durante that told me my corsets were not a good idea and then low and behold he has corsets in his portfolio now as well?

    [edit/shannon - a bunch of personal conflict removed]

    you know where to find me ass


  17. Damn, thats some crazy shit coming from Sean, I am not even going to go down that list, I was not “putting anybody down”, simply questioning the retainability of such procedures. Jesus Christ.

  18. I generally tend to think a piece of work will defend its self. and in this case both have. and I think thats the core issue that’s been overlooked.

  19. well, I covered that too….they are still in perfect condition and still look great over a year and a half later

    enough said by all..

  20. while i understand the worry about rejected piercings, i also think a lot of people overlook the fact that the scars that remain can look just as nice – if not a little more subtle. i’m not going to lie, i’m fairly amazed that the wings have held up so well, but i also think that small scars would create an equally beautiful design, especially since they seem spectacularly symmetric. feel free to disagree because i am terrifically biased (i’ve had four surface piercings at two separate times, all of which were removed at the beginning of rejection. the eight small scars i’m left with make a pleasantly and unintentional design. i’m very proud of my oh-so-expensive scars… it’s actually gotten me interested in scarification because i’ve learned i scar so nicely).

    i think both pieces look beautiful, but i can’t for the life of me figure out the ohm. i’ll have to go look it up… sad day!

  21. good lord, no wonder i couldn’t quite make it out. i was thinking ohm as in the physics symbol for electricity or whatever it is. now i see how beautiful it truly is :)

  22. Trevor we had already talked about these pics over the phone :P, so hush yourself my friend. You also know, having worked for a shop on South Street in Philly, what this pic and everyones comments on how well this works will make happen (already made happen actually). Do I really need to go any further? As a matter of fact, I’ve already seen a PISS POOR copy of the ohm done by a local [hack] piercer, thanks to the add for the class in Prick Magazine. Half of the anchors are doing well, and the other half all turned sideways because he put the bases in at the wrong angle, and didn’t check for tissue folding when she crossed her arms. I also will admit to being wary of the fact that all of them were done at once. That’d be like doing 3 industrials at once on the same ear. Sure it’d be fine for an employee or piercer to get themselves, and maybe for a regular client. But at this point way more people than regulars are asking for anchors, at least here in Philly. And I sure as hell wouldn’t do a 20 point anchor project in one sitting on someone that I didn’t know. I don’t think I’d do it on anyone but another piercer. I love surface piercing and have been preaching the surface bar bible for years, as Shannon can verify, but even after doing successful surface bar piercings for 8 years +, I wouldn’t do more than 3 or 4 on anyone at the same time. I don’t think I’d do it on anyone but another piercer. Maybe I’m just too conservative for the NuPiercer scene, I dunno.

    Any of us that are practitioners know some people tend to exaggerate how well something does, It’s why I ended up doing the statistics for the surface piercings I did, to prove all the knuckle heads that surface bars do work. So I do know how it feels to be on your end of the stick when it comes to people hating on your work. That being said, I keep hearing lots of piercers swear by oral anchors as a substitute for oral piercing, and I call witchery on that. I’ve tried a few on employees of our company, and was not impressed with the results, and I’d say about 50% of the ones I’ve seen done by other good artists have to be removed.

    I do love anchors, and I think I’m going to start a statistical study of them. They do tend to do well in general, and I do a bunch of em. I’m just getting crotchety in my older piercer age, and am getting really tired of the really bad crap I get coming into my shop because people refuse to understand and educate themselves about what they are doing to people. I just hope that when you guys teach your seminar, you strongly instill a sense of care in your students, especially when you do this in Philly. I can’t tell you how many atrocities I saw after some people did a punch and taper surface class. Do I doubt that you guys know what you’re doing? No. I mean no insult to Sean or Trevor (who I’ve known and been good friends with longer than anyone on here can claim). I do mean insult to the lurking practitioners that are reading this and fucking people up left and right.

    And another things Trevor: COME BACK HOME! My couch and Xbox miss you!

  23. BMK, I salute you!
    It’s fantastic that someone is doing some research, I’d be really interested to read your results.

  24. to answer a couple of questions ive seen here, included on the comments made about my angel wings done by sean dowdell and burni ellis from club tattoo, yes i do and can wear bras normally as i did before i got the wings done a year ago now….. depending on the clothing i wear, i will choose to wear or not wear one anyway…. YES i can lay on my back normally.. i dont feel a difference at all i forget they are there sometimes… they also dont affect any physical activities of ANY kind if you know what i mean… as matt matyr above said, my biggest issue with them has been occasionally losing a gem by it becoming loose. skin does not heal over the post either. ive fallen on my back snowboarding, wrestling friends for fun, ( even though they say theyre scared to hurt my back)and never have any of them rip out… a couple have ripped out other ways like a girls fish net top getting caught on my back as she walked by…. the pain, well there was none.. i thought she had gotten caught on me for a sec, until she said it was gone a moment later… they are easy to put right back in.. of course i go to sean to have that done, and they heal rather quickly.. they are not hard to maintain healing wise and soo forth…. my wings are my trademark thanks to seans creativness , he makes it come to life… its been such an honor to carry the wings on my back this year as many more are to come, to answer the last question coming from me, yes they are retainable…. now you know its no longer rocket science =)

  25. to answer the question from the gentleman BMK on whether or not I did the ohm and wings in 1 session. No, I did the ohm in 3 sessions (about 4 weeks apart fro each other) using a punch template that I would hold over the previous session’s work for reference then mark for the new anchors each time. The wings took 4 sesssions, she was defintely unusual in the sense that she really doesn’t feel pain at all. She laughed the entire time so it was a bit harder to put the brakes on and stop during a session.But to that point, very necessary to ensure that the body could heal them up.

    I really appreciatethe honest comments from you as well bmk

  26. they both look amazing, i especially love the angel wings. but i dont get the om, what is an om??? is this just something i am unfamiliar with maybe??

  27. Burni Ellis is the sexiest straight man in L*4 Vegas! He is a stellar artist too!

  28. i recently heard that all microdermals will eventually reject and that most will reject within 6 months to 2 years. Is this true?

  29. Sean–I got my dermals done from one of your shops and one keeps rejecting, I really love them and want them removed should i just move the one that keeps rejecting??

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