55 thoughts on “The Power of Christ Compels You…!

  1. Hehehehe! Jesus I’m sure would be proud to have his dismembered torso sitting in some guy’s lobes. I mean, I would be. That my friends, is a true legacy.

  2. Closed minded Christian Conservative says: “Blasphemer! You will burn in hell for desecrating our Lord!”

    Open minded Christian piercer says: Heh heh, sweet! Jesus is in us all, some keep Him in their hearts, other keep Him in their Lobes!”

    Cheers! Great picture!

  3. jesus was a tiny tiny man compared to the height of people today. In fact I bet we could probably keep him in our lobes

  4. It’s a pen top, I’ve got one which came from Australia, through a slightly random set of events. Sadly I have no stretched lobes to take a picture of it in though.

  5. Sweet. I’ve got the same Jesus pencil toppers on my desk. Jesus is the best comedian around.

  6. best plugs i have ever seen…i mean this. if you can’t keep jesus close to your heart, at least you can keep him close to your hole…. 😉

  7. Nice! I happen to work for the company that makes those little guys. They’re actually pencil toppers, but I think this is a fantastic use for them as well. That makes my day. 🙂

  8. Hahaha, this just made my day ! I’ve got an exam about the history of christianity and Jesus tomorrow. I’m sure this is a sign 😀

  9. that’s badass!

    jesus doesn’t look made, he looks like he’s taping into god for a really hardcore exercise working on his shoulder muscles,etc.

  10. It’s kind of interesting just to see some plugs that aren’t round!

    Now, the tasteless half of me is thinking, with some sculpey (yeah, yeah, I know, but if it’s just for short short term wear for a pic… or maybe just adding bits to the outside of pre-made higher quality circles) it would be kinda hilarious to make some plugs referencing the imagery of goatse.

    Just for the injoke humor value…

  11. I have that Jesus! And now I know a modblogger works for the company that makes him!

    He was the mascot for a girls weekend known as Jesus Camp. I have a commemorative ‘I got nailed at Jesus Camp’ tshirt.

  12. BxtremeDmodSxM – well wouldn’t you be too if your legs were cut off and you were shoved in someone’s ears?

  13. Damn. I’m going to put the pic on my main page when IAM is back up. Everyone follow in the trend of Christ compelled ear stretching.

  14. “The power of Christ compells you!… to modify!”

    “The Lord works in mysterious ways…”

    That’s all I got.


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