Spider Tattoo Scar Augmentation

I was going to take the weekend off from posting here, but since people seemed to enjoy the idea of the hemangioma tattoo that I posted yesterday, let me add something in the same vein that I liked a lot as well. My friend Caglar, who tattoos at Tattoo Zone in Ankara, Turkey, had a customer come in that had surgery on his belly leaving him with a scar and several indentations — Caglar added a tattoo of a spider, with the legs stepping into the indents.


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58 thoughts on “Spider Tattoo Scar Augmentation

  1. Awesome! Not only is the spider (looks like a Poecilotheria regalis to me) incredible nicely done. The idea of letting it’s legs step into the indents gives it a mindblowing 3D effect!

  2. I think this is simply amazing! It fits perfectly, and it changes (modifies) something that might be a reminder of less pleasant experience, into one that brings (or so I hope) something of a more positive kind.

    Yeah, vague description, but I love it.

  3. #4
    Yes, which is why I would run screaming the first time seeing that…

    (which is a compliment to the artist!)

  4. *that* is really cool, though I’m going to be honest and say the spider needs work.

    It’s still a really nice tat and I’d love it if it were mine.

  5. This is an amazing tattoo. I could never get something like this myself though- I’d constantly be batting at my stomach, trying to get a spider off.

  6. Great tatt. I showed it to my brother and he nearly fainted.
    I wonder what kind of surgery causes indentations like that? I’ve never seen that before.

  7. I just noticed that the scar between the indentations looks like a lizard!

    My friend would probably faint if he saw this picture. That is so realistic.

  8. Wow! at first glance I thought it was a real spider. And as an arachnaphobic I naturaly shat myself!

  9. i’d say this is pretty phenomenal – great idea and the shading is under the spider’s legs is really well executed.

  10. Wow, what a great way to make art out of difference! Love the shadowing! It’s a great tattoo, applied in a truly artful way!

  11. This is awesome! I love when people get mods to transform something they might dislike about their body. I’m absolutely terrified of spiders though; I did jump when I first saw it!

  12. Like many others have mentioned before me, an awesome idea, and it works incredibly well! I would loooove to see this tattoo up close. Very creative.. A* to whoever came up with it.. :D

  13. I love this tattoo! It almost looks alive, not only because it looks like it’s pulling at the skin, but it is a great tattoo!

  14. I love it! I have a huge belly scar that I would like augmented. Not covered… As the scar has meaning to me… But made to look better.

  15. Oh my god!! It’s a spider!! Get it off!! I hate spiders. lol. But it looks cool. It looks so freakin real

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