Celebrating Caturday

Trivia: Cats are very suspicious of new tattoos.


By Lila, Enlightened Art, Oakville.

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43 thoughts on “Celebrating Caturday

  1. hilarious! dogs are also suspicious of new tattoos…but in a different way. they try to rip the bandages off in my sleep.

  2. My cat tries to pull the plugs out of my ears while I’m sleeping. Yay cats! They’re LOLERZPANTZ!

  3. /r/ MOAR PLZ!!!!!! PLZ 2GIVE n00dsz! kthxbye xoxo

    nice ink, never a fan of leg work on ladies(i think the legs are fine by them selves, mm legs) but its got meaning, i like that.

  4. My cats puffed up and got all weird when I came home with the clouds on my work-in-progress sleeve… They tiptoed around my arm and shoulder for days… jumping if I moved it too fast.

    I like how simple and stark-looking they are. just… BLAM. Here’s an x. BLAM, here’s another x.


  5. Nice x’s. They remind me of the lettering in old alphabet books. A is for Apple, B is for Bird, X is for sXe….

  6. #24 – if it was upside down it would look exactly the same..:) What IS the story with mirroring it though, is it just an aesthetic thing or am I missing a meaning here? Nice and simple by the way, the wearer clearly has the taste..

  7. Uh, nope. With this tattoo, mirrored and upside down is the same ;)
    Nice pic, and those legs looks good :D

  8. Actually, it’s clearly mirrored, not upside-down. The top is narrower than the base on both the left and right. If it was upside-down, the bottom would be narrower than the top.

    Tatooz are teh roxxors.


  9. i like that one is mirrored – gives it agreeable symmetry… mmm, agreeable symmetry. and i didn’t know pets flipped over tattoos like that. you learn something new every day :)

  10. #28 seriously? Try drawing a cross with one bold line, and one thin line, then flip it around. Does it produce the result you see here? If so, I am led to believe you have a magical pen OR a magical piece of paper.. :P

  11. :O …where can i purchase said magic stationary products?

    #27- I just have a thing for symmetry…and i thought that mirroring the X would just look better on me than having them both exactly the same :)

  12. Beautiful tat(s/z). Also cute kitty! (I miss having huggable animals, sadly not allowed in dorms.)
    The only object I’ve ever seen a cat get genuinely frightened of unprovoked is this tiki style totem pole my parents have. My sweet little one-eyed kitty caught sight of that thing and about turned into a chipmunk, fluffy tail and all. We had to get her to “kill” it to be able to put it back up on the mantle. Neither of the cats I’ve been close to have seen a tattoo that I know of.
    /not inked.
    ///Thank you, Modblog staff for allowing us non-modded muggle mundanes on too. When it is time for us to join the ranks, we will have learned from the best.

  13. lol…the ‘photographer’ was my crappy digital camera put on a timer, and put on the ground :p

  14. being a typophile, i dont really groove on the backwards/mirrored X.

    it goes against typographic rules and the way letterforms are built.

    i do like the boldness and cleanliness of the letters though.

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