36 thoughts on “White and Black Facial Tattoo

  1. lol…the first thing I noticed was the lobes…they could use some love… Tat’s cool though

  2. when i first saw it i thought it was a healed branding
    this person has the strangest complexion, or is that
    just photoshop?

  3. I think teh tattoos suit him really well actually, one of my favorite facial tattoos so far. Anyway, I think he just has foundation or powder of some sort on.

  4. Love the eyebrows aaaand.. Im pretty sure that he is using powder, sure looks that way anyways ! The white ink is kinda cool aswell =D

  5. I thought that red dred was some kind on neck-tongue.
    Oh neck tongue, its all slimy.
    Sorry, ahh…nice tats. Time to stop typing crap.

  6. i love his facial tattoos! especially the eye brows…he’s really beautiful too…i thought he was wearing make up too, till shannon said he desaturated the color…

  7. aaaw, his hot ;D
    and as everybody say.. those lobes look like they would snap if he put a tunnel in them.

    But still hot 🙂

  8. shitty lobes, moscow people shall allways over do it. allway extreme, never stretching anything just scallpell.. nice tattoo on cheek thoug

  9. Very nice how the design follows his jawline. I like how it wraps back around and peeks out under his eyes.

  10. This is a cool tattoo, but like others, I couldn’t help but notice how ill his lobes look, particularly the left one. I had a white tat once, but the ink didn’t stay; my body rejected it.

  11. я его “фкантакте” видел
    ваще супер
    люблю таких людей

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