3D Cat Face Implant

Speaking of cats, this awesome kitty-cat face implant was done by Sick at Body Tunning in São Paulo, Brasil.


Sick is a very talented carver of Teflon — with a style very suited to the creation of implants — and is also responsible for these great custom 40mm plugs — contact him directly via IAM if you’re interested in commissioning a piece.


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24 thoughts on “3D Cat Face Implant

  1. so shannon, correct me if i’m wrong
    but he gets a chunk of teflon and does
    this all by hand, to such a good finish?

  2. shannon, can you provide an email address or other contact method than IAM to commission work from him? i didn’t see anything from a quick look at the public side of his page. my fella would looooove some plugs like that.

  3. i love the pieces this guy carves. they look wonderful under the skin. the only reason i don’t like using teflon for implants is the enormous size of an incision that needs to be made for insertion. :(

  4. in regards to casting versus carving, I think if memory serves me correctly its much better to carve then cast…As usually casting means heating the teflon up to a point where it can be melted,etc…By melting it you as opening yourself up to serious health risks.

    Personally I’m not a fan of teflon/ptfe due to its environmentally damaging way its created due to it containing PFOA.

    I will say thats some VERY smooth carving though, a lot of time and effort went into those pieces thats for sure.

  5. that cat looks crazy, by which i mean unbalanced and a little deranged. i can’t get over the man hours that would have to go into creating those implants. absolutely phenomenal.

  6. How the fuck did he get them so smooth?!?! I was watching my friend make some elevation tools out of teflon and we had a hell of a time getting it smooth like that… I wonder if you were to make a rough design of a piece and then maybe heat it up to get it smooth? Does it work like that?, or maybe some fine sandblasting? shit… too many ideas so little time, props though, these are some very nice looking plugs and implants. Even though I feel Brian was right, the incision that would need to be made for this those implants to go in would be huge. but I guess it that what you want, what’s a few more stitches?

  7. These would almost certainly have to be carved. To cast them would require fairly specialized machined compression molds and equipment. Not at all practical in such limited numbers.

    Vex, you really dont want to be melting teflon. its melting point is nearly 70 degrees above the initiation of thermolytic breakdown.

    xpurex if they were machined it it would have been a mill not a lathe.

    Dom yes A CNC machining center could do this very easily. In fact you could cut a proper mold in steel with one for these…a waste but you could. Being that this is teflon…you could carve these, with a fair bit of manual cleanup afterwards, on a low end deskmill.

    Please do not take these comments as a slight against the artist. I like the work and am impressed by it.

    PS, serenity even if he did move into silicone he would never be able to get these sorts of parts without molding. plastics like teflon allow smoothing and finishing that silicone is incapable of.

  8. I should make my last line more clear….silicone is capable of amazingly smooth finish….when cast…there is simply no way of smoothing a carving shy of coating it in a dispersion which kind of defeats the purpose of reductive modelling LOL.

  9. Brian: My old chest piece was CNCed, it was pretty smooth – but you can tell that those pieces were hand polished.

    If I recall you can get different machines with various axis, which could make something like that pretty easily – however horribly expensive.

    My money is on lovingly hand carved from stock and fine hand polished.

    Lovely work in any case.

  10. It doesn’t take nearly as long as you might think. Carving teflon is more tricky than it is time consuming. Stone, for example, takes much longer to carve. Sanding (or however you decide to finish it) is definitely the most time consuming part of the whole thing. I used to spend an hour or two making someone’s custom piece, and then give them a discount to spend the next four hours sanding it down themselves..

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