Like a fine wine

There is an ultra-large BME update with I think over 6,000 new pictures and a couple hundred stories that was posted earlier today, along with a wonderful “new” interview, but other than that I’m taking the weekend off for family fun. If you’re in Toronto, I’ll be at the fire sculptures and at various winter festival events, so say hello if you see me!

But anyway, I just can’t stop looking at this wonderful photo of a customer of Ashley‘s — she pierces at Cape Fear Piercing in Greenville, NC. I love seeing people of all ages with facial tattoos (click here for BME’s full facial/neck tattoo galleries) and mods (the ring-bridge is by Ashley), but facial tattoos on older individuals just look so distinguished and handsome…


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  1. i was thinking about getting one but i would go crosseyed from looking at it too much 😛

  2. yes..indeed.

    he looks so nice! I wish i will look like that, if i ever make it that far!

    nice to have you back posting, shannon! have fun with your family!

  3. Reminds me of a modded Gary Oldman.
    Hm, I think I’d like to photoshop some mods onto Mr. Oldman, just for the pure fun of a new state of turn-on. 😉

  4. the tattoos on his cheeks almost play up his wrinkles instead of hiding them… now *that’s* the way to age!

  5. bill – It looks like a decently deep placement, and older guys have excellent healing rates on pseudo-surface work because their skin exerts less pressure on the piercing. I really feel that he shouldn’t have any issues with the ring.

  6. the left side (his right in the pic) looks a bit worse compared to the other side…kinda hard to tell based on the picture, since its a full facial pic and not a close up of the bridge.

    personally not a fan of using a CBR in a bridge for the initial piercing…But once its healed would be a lot better option.

    I think it could have used another size up with the ring diameter to reduce the amount of pull,etc…I think that ring size would be ideal for it once healed…But I’ve seen bridges swell quite a bit initially, although that can be a whole climate regional concern and perhaps this guy won’t swell as much.

    But yeah ideal photos to discuss the bridge would be a close up of it in a frontal view, then a side view of the entry and exit point.

  7. Why are we discussing his bridge when we should clearly just be discussing how attractive he is?

  8. people always say what about when your old and wrinkley, and you have streched lobes and your tats and old, (lobes arnt here) but this is what it looks like and its great, love the photo. great pic!

  9. Lovely, he has such kind eyes.

    I cannot wait until more people embrace tattoos and piercings rather than worrying about what they’ll look like when they’re older. Good tattoos and piercings stand the test of time.

  10. Ashley is my piercer and she’s great at what she does. I really like this gentleman’s work!

  11. I can assure you he looks nothing like my father, he’s got gorgeous eyes though!

    And scarily how I see myself when I’m older, apart from a few minor cosmetic changes 🙂

  12. Distinguished and handsome are exactly the right words for this man! His mods look wonderful and really natural on him. I like subtle facial tattoos the best.

  13. He has such beautiful eyes. And his mods suit him really, really well. The tattoos look fantastic on him. I love cute little old men. ^.^

  14. Ok…so here’s the deal with his bridge… I started it with a barbell. If it were ANYONE else I’d make them keep a barbell in it until it’s completely healed. But he wanted it changed before he went out of town.

    In addition… That man could heal a wood stake through his gut. He’s a traveler and has the immune system to prove it. So, I’m leniant with him.

    And the ring is a D-ring… not a CBR. There’s no way I’d put a CBR in a bridge (especially so soon after the piercing with a barbell).

    Oh! And he’s RAD. One of the nicest people ever. We talk for hours when we get the chance. He calls me “kid”. I like it.

  15. >>>Why are we discussing his bridge when we should clearly just be discussing how attractive he is?

    Oddly because this is a blog about body modification and not “Am I hot or fucking not”….. jeez

  16. I like his mods, they suit him well.

    But I have to wonder….would this man find all of these comments at all patronising? I really don’t think he looks all that old. Yes, older than the majority of western people currently with facial piercing and tattooing, but not particularly old.

    Just a thought.

    Anyway, he looks very good, his tattoos are excellent.

  17. Kitteh – No way! I call dibs.
    HELLS_MoNkEy – Yeah I changed my original comment which involved calling him old simply because he doesn’t appear that old and even if he is he’s aged wonderfully.

  18. Yay for Ashley! Love that chick. and ive met this guy a few times, heard some stories he had to tell and whatnot. Awesome all around.

  19. Does anyone know how long hes had the facial work done and his piercings? Just curious if hes grown with them or if theyre all recent work.

  20. i honestly loved this picture so much, i chose to draw it for art class on a 50″ canvas.
    hope you/he doesn’t mind.

  21. i have traveled all over the us,mexico, and canada. been to many tattoo/piercing shops. kid is one of the best love ya hun

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