12 thoughts on “A New Knuckle Profile

  1. took me a minute to see what was special about this picture
    *i feel like a drunk smurf*
    love the implants, kinda like built in brass knuckles
    very cool,

  2. haha, me too. i don’t know if it’s because the implants just aren’t that foreign of a shape or if we’re just so used to seeing strangely shaped hands that ones that look like this have begun to look normal.

  3. Haha, his knuckles have knuckles! I really like the look of hand inplants like this, as well as the ones along the side.

  4. thats pretty cool, looks awesome.
    just always curious wht if he hits his hand knuckle knuckles against something, would it hurt? cause injury?

  5. i’m sorry but that just seems completely pointless when he can have something so much better.

    maybe i just don’t understand. either way they look like they’ve healed excellently.

  6. Dood, that was a startling optical illusion there for a second. XD

    I can’t think of this implant looking too interesting from above, but from the front it’s pretty sweet.

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