Gunslinger Concept Tattoo

I like Mr_Hyde gunslinger concept piece, done by Jordi Del Rey at Kei 13 in Sant Boi, Barcelona, Spain. Click through for his genital implants as well.


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36 thoughts on “Gunslinger Concept Tattoo

  1. ive seen this concept a few years back on a girl (not wanting to detract from this piece). was in a number of tattoo magazines, can anybody elucidate any further?

  2. Interesting concept, godawful execution. The gun doesn’t look too bad, but the bullets and belt are embarassing.

  3. Interesting concept, godawful execution. The gun doesn’t look too bad, but the bullets and belt are embarassing.

  4. Too bad he didn’t research what a gunslinger might use. The revolver is a modern double-action where it should be at least a single-action. Even worse is the bullets… those are rifle bullets.

    The holster looks pretty good, though.

  5. Who ever designed this should read some gun books.
    The bullets are for an assault rifle (and badly drawn at that) and the revolver looks like no pistol I’ve ever seen!
    Nice implants though…

  6. Neat idea, but gotta agree that the execution is not so great. Not only is it not that great of quality, but there’s many technical details that just don’t jibe.

  7. the bullets like others had said are incorrect…..but look pretty cool..almost a like a machine gun belt.
    the pistol seems to me to be a smith and wesson revolver,with wood combat grips,if I had to be more concise,a model 19,or a large frame.
    cant tell specifically,the scale is off a little.

  8. Shannon– I’m not sure “it’s not finished” will really save it, sadly. As others have pointed out, the bullets are all wrong and crookedly drawn at that. Shading’s not going to fix mistakes like that.

  9. Wish I’d gotten my gun belt finished before I got knocked up! Actually it might make a rather fascinating photo now…. I started it about 4 years ago and we still only have it outlined! And I’m pretty sure my “equipment” is accurate….

  10. I’m really glad to be mentioned on modblog for the 3dr times!!
    yeah I know.. the tattoo isn’t finished yet, but I hope to finish it as soon as I can… and I know the bullet mistake… but I prefer with these..

  11. Um… if I met this guy in a bar or something and then took him home, I’d definitely think he had some kind of awful genital warts. :-\

  12. hayduke, shut-up, you know exactly dick about bullets. MANY cartridges work in revolvers AND rifles. I notice that none of the assheads who saw fit to comment are tattooists. I have been in the ink business for 23 years so the rest of you need to shut the fuck up. NO, everyone is NOT entitled to an opinion. That statement “Everyone is entitled to an opinion” was and IS a JOKE that was started in WWII because a lot of stupid assholes just like YOU thought they should be entitled to an opinion. In MY opinion, as an artist with 23 years experience, the tattoo was fairly well done but the guy who wears it is a fag. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had it photographed to include his cock.

  13. Calm down Ranx, geez. Anyways, I am going to have to disagree with you. You may be a tattoo artist, and I respect that, but those cartridges are definitely wrong. There are several revolvers that are chambered in the same caliber as rifles, but they do not use the same round. Revolvers require shorter, more compact cartridges with lower pressure, or they cylinder would explode. The average rifle round is also a good half-inch longer than the cylinder of most revolvers chambered in the same caliber, which means it would not even come close to fitting in the cylinder in terms of both length and width. Not to mention that the revolver in the tattoo is clearly a modern double action and looks to be based on a Smith and Wesson, most likely .38 based on the small frame. So while I respect your profession, as a gunsmith I just had to step in and say that the cartridge complaints are quite justified. Doesn’t detract from the piece except for firearms enthusiasts / purists, but it is fair to let the person it is tattooed on to at least know that it isn’t right, in case they didn’t know.

  14. haha wow those arent even pistol bullets those are rifle bullets. could have at least done that part right

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