An assortment of food-themed tattoos

I’ve been seeing tons of tattoos about food lately, and I was thinking that as the iceman got tattoos of the beasts he hunted and ate, so does modern man get tattoos of the feasts he “hunts” and eats — the original spirit of tattooing flows through these pieces? Haha, probably not. There are more after the break from the last few updates and of course tons in the BME galleries — let me start though with a “Sacred Reuben”, tattooed by Erik Russel of 4182 Tattoo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


Also “sacred”, bbirdeman‘s “Sacred Moonpie” neck tattoo by James Jorgenson of Bay Area Tattoo in Houston, Texas.


Fetusinajar has a “church of pork” tattoo done by Bonnie Lou in Rockford, IL, claiming, “porkie goodness gets all the girls wet!” Well, greasy at least.


I have no explanation for this blazing McDonalds cup, done by Gabriel “Gabby” Moore at Marked 4 Life in York, PA.


Sublimeatl got a funny “NO GU LIKE FUGU” tattoo by Loke at Holy Mother Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia.


Staying in the fish theme for a moment, this great sushi boat tattoo was done by Isaac Davis of Aces High Custom Tattooing in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Stalktheground sends in this “Strogie Bogie” cooker by Skip Cisto at Standard Ink in Chattanooga, TN.


Finally, in the political food arena, Veggie_Powered has this steak and cross bones hand tattoo by Chris Moody at Barrett All Tattoo & Body Piercing in Endicott, NY.


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20 thoughts on “An assortment of food-themed tattoos

  1. The scribt “Dude quick, cover it! I live for nights like these” sounds this tattoo “concept” was created in one wild night out and they cherish the fact that it looks like a “dumb drunk dude idea”. Which makes the poor quality kinda cool.

  2. Poor quality tattoos are never cool even in an ironic setting they remain poor tattoos. Simply acknowledging it doesn’t make it more credible, to me at least.

  3. “I was thinking that as the iceman got tattoos of the beasts he hunted and ate, so does modern man get tattoos of the feasts he “hunts” and eats”. I don´t find that though completly lacking in truth… ;) Maybe not as much to bring good luck in the gathering of the tattooed objects, but as a remainder or to pay tribute to the objects.

  4. Floating off subject I suppose, but Ötzi, the iceman had many tattoos believed to be of help in alleviating aliments and offering protection, and were place at strategic acupuncture points-it would be neat to see a trend of something along those lines…

  5. Otzi wasn’t bombarded by commercial images of his food day in day out. It was probably seen more as a spiritual celebration of the life and strength giving quality associated with food.

  6. These are all so amazing, especially the sacred ruben and the sushi boat! Awesome concepts. I also love the Bizarre Foods fugu reference ;)

    Now I’m really hungry …

  7. I think the ‘church of pork’ tat is crappier than the McDo though :) The sushi boat is cool though, but I wonder what the idea behind it was?

  8. “Poor quality tattoos are never cool even in an ironic setting they remain poor tattoos”

    Maybe if you’re truly cool, you don’t need to
    be told you’re cool.

  9. im going to get another food related tattoo when i graduate culinary school :)
    I currently have a holy corkscrew on my calf
    check out my iam for a crappy cell pic

  10. I wonder how often the last one gets misinterpreted as “Wow! You must really love steak!” (vegan cuff aside…)

  11. # 3 I agree .. I bet this has a great story behind it, that I would love to hear ! .. I dont think it matters at all the quality of this particular tatt .. Im sure its gotta be about telling the story over and over and probably laughing .. ( I hope ) …And not about how pretty a McDonlads cup is ! …..

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