19 thoughts on “Beautiful Dusk Pull

  1. How is this Salinas? Salinas is inland, hence it being located in Salinas *Valley.* I assume this actually took place somewhere along the nearby Monterey Coast.

    …But I digress.

  2. @ #’s 9 & 11

    I got so excited about seeing “Salinas, CA” on ModBlog that it didn’t register that they were actually on a beach and there certainly isn’t a beach IN Salinas hahaha! This must be in Monterey or something. At any rate, I still miss it. 🙂 I bet I climbed on those very rocks when I was little… again I /sigh.

  3. Huzzah – seems to be a lot of fun mod-related stuff coming from our neck of the woods. Yay for the Bay Area being in modblog, and the gorgeous pull!

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