Operation: Hooks fer Christ

I’ve been sitting on these photos for a while, just waiting for the go-ahead from Kcir to post them, and that day is today! What you’re seeing is Kcir and a friend doing a pull on the lawn of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church.  To those of you not familiar with the church, they’re a family of lawyers that run their own church.  They’ve made a name for themselves by protesting the funerals of men and women who have lost their lives on duty in the military, by holding up offensive and extremely homophobic signs.  Basically they’re a sick bunch of attention seekers that are trying as hard as they can to piss off everybody.

Well, Kcir and his friends decided to have a little fun at their expense by doing this pull on the lawn of the church, and ending it with a sloppy wet kiss.  It’s important to note that they aren’t doing this to protest any religion, but rather the actions of a bunch of sick and twisted individuals.  Here’s a bit of what Kcir had to say about his motivations:

i have big beef with these guys for exactly what we’re going to keep them from doing. protesting soldier’s funerals. most of their other targets can fight back. i have a lot of dead soldiers in my family. almost every member of my dad’s side of the family up to me has been a soldier. they’ve fought and bled for this country and now i feel i should step up for them since they can’t. i don’t agree with the wars, the armies, any of it. but i love the troops who fight with my safety in mind. every one of them that falls is one less person willing to give up their life for us. i owe the same peace of mind i enjoy to the families those soldiers live behind.

Kcir and his team have more planned for the coming weeks, however due to the nature of their activities I won’t be announcing those plans just yet.  It’s not that they’ll be doing anything illegal, but secrecy is key.  Just know that when it does happen, ModBlog will be here to bring you all the glorious details.

That’s Kcir on the left, and the sign he’s holding says “Hookin’ fer Christ“.

Pulled Together

When it comes to body modification related activities, one of the most intimate would have to be a pulling between two people.  The transference of energy, coupled with the trust and reliance one has with their partner, make pulls like this remarkable.  Below we have Andru and his wife sharing a moment out on the Oregon coast.  The pull was facilitated by Eduardo Chavarria and it was the couple’s first pull together.

Taking flight for a good cause

According to MrHardKor, around 300,000 geese are killed every year at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for safety reasons.  When MrHardKor, an artist and taxidermist by trade, discovered that the geese were being killed and then destroyed, he knew he needed to step in.  Together with a group of like-minded individuals, he created “De Keuken van het Ongewenste Dier” (Kitchen of the Unwanted Animals).  The organization receives the geese from the licensed hunters, cleans them, and then serves them at events in and around Holland.

The following pictures come from one event that the group catered.  It was the opening of an art fair entitled “Bacchus and Soul”, and they served smoked goose.  It was there that MrHardKor hooked himself up to a pair of goose wings and some balloons to serve the geese with style.

Check out the Other Ritual Fun gallery for more photos from the event.

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More details here.

Pulling Free

Everything about this photo brings a smile to my face.  Especially knowing that this was IAM: Zmashd‘s first pull ever (she’s on the right), makes it that much better.  On top of that, the pull, which was facilitated by IAM: Vegenero, lasted about 2 1/2 hours, and only stopped because Zmashd’s friend got tired.

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He’s a wildman

Drop dead gorgeous, sultry, off the charts sexy..  these are just a few of the phrases I’d use to describe Bradde.  He exudes raw animalistic sex appeal.  He’s also a hell of a guy and makes a mean chili.  That lucky lady on his arm is Bethany.  She’s used to everyone being jealous of her, so it’s ok to admit it here.  She was the one that beat back the thousands to win Bradde’s heart, and the two of them make a power couple the world has never seen before.  If you get a chance to check out one of the Mercury Suspension Team‘s shows, you’re in for a treat as these two put on quite a show.

Pulling the line

With help from Andrew and Kelvikta the Blade from Swing Shift Side Show, as well as Lukas Larson and Will Robinson, SirPerrald and a friend had themselves a fun time with a pull.  This took place during the final days of this year’s APP conference, and it really shows the transition two people can undergo when pulling.  In the first photo, they’re relaxing, hanging on to each other, yet in the next they’re doing everything in their power to pull apart.  Because of the contrast with the first photo, we can see just how significant this pull is to them.  While they may have things inside each other pulling them apart, they’re connected by something stronger than both of them.  A bond that links them together, preventing them from separating.