Lobe Keloid Treatment

Speaking of both keloids and John Joyce, he had a customer come in with extremely deformed lobes from keloids erupting out of blowout from ear piercings. He cut off and cauterized one of the keloids for the customer (I assume the remainder will follow), and cauterized it. Six weeks later, the keloid is gone (depending on the person they can grow back no matter what treatment is used) and healing has been exceptional.


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32 thoughts on “Lobe Keloid Treatment

  1. A friend of mine has had her keloid cut away by a surgeon some time a go, now she is getting some experimental thing placed on her ear that is supposed to cut off the bloodflow so it cannot grow back again…
    This doc is the only one in the netherlands offering this atm, he claims that he always has 100% succes and thats its the only method garuanteeing no return…
    We’ll just wait and see…

  2. I cut just the one off to see how his body would heal it. We are going to attach the one left on that ear in the next couple weeks. If that heals up just as well, we will then do the same thing to his other ear.

  3. oh, wow. i wonder what he did to get that bad of a blowout complication…
    is it from a standard earlobe piercing, or stretching?

  4. There’s a lady in town w/ huge keloids like that, one on each ear. My biggest curiosity is why they always seem to be on the back of a person’s lobes… I always assumed butterfly-backs on bad jewelry was to blame, but I’ve never known for sure.

  5. oh wow. tha’s like an exta ear.

    all my cartilage piercings keloid, but i put tea tree oil on them, and the keloiding dies and falls off. it’s gross, but effective. am i doing the right thing?

  6. /pokepoke

    Smurf, I think they form on the back because the jewelry is usually inserted from front-to-back, so the fistula moves in that direction… Probably a few other reasons I don’t know of (yet).

  7. Isabel: Good point! I always forget little things like that because I got pierced w/ cbrs and it has never really mattered what direction I inserted my jewelry from.

  8. Rhiannon: Most people I’ve met have just tied a peice of string around the blow out to cut off the blood flow and waited for it to fall off/ go down.

    I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to have a keloid, but I hope this persons don’t come back.

  9. that’s the hugest blow out i’ve ever seen!
    honestly, how does this happen without someone noticing n
    screaming oh dear god??

  10. If it falls off, it’s not a keloid. Also, no doubt the blowout didn’t originally look like that, the keloid grows later.

  11. I’m a touch confused. When I read that the blowout had been removed I sat there staring at the photo for a good minute trying to work out how it was different – I was just mesmerized by the GIANT ear anus that is remaining. I’m curious, will there be an attempt to remove that in future (seeing as how well this removal went)?

  12. Part of me finds that first pic so bizarre looking I’m almost sad he removed any of it. :)

  13. Keloids don’t “disappear” or “fall off” from fucking tea tree oil usage. Keloids is an overgrowth of scar tissue that is only fixed by removing it (and like stated, sometimes grows back).

    But back to the ear.

    If this isn’t a poster child for “Reasons to stretch the RIGHT way”, I don’t know what is.

  14. mephistopheles, if tea tree oil helps it’s hypertrophic, not a keloid. Keloids, like Shat said is an overgrowth of scar tissue, ranging from just slightly overgrown (which is what most people think their hypertrophic scars are), to extremely large like these pictures. Hypertrophic scars are slight lumps around a piercing that don’t grow beyond what appears early on. They are far more common, and can often go away from: Time, changing jewelry (too heavy or poor shape causes excess stress), or tea tree oil. Actual keloids don’t go away from any of these and have to be removed, or occasionally treated with steroid injections. Does anyone read up on the risks involved in our choice of lifestyle and expression??? Thank you BMEZine Encyclopedia!!

  15. I had small growths on both sides of my cartilage from getting them done with studs, after getting rings and using hydrocortisone acetate cream, they slowly went down.

  16. i just honestly couldn’t live with that
    it’d ick me everyday sooo much i’d take
    a scalpel to it

  17. What’s all this talk about blow-outs for? Theres a gigantic keloid staring you in the face!

    But, as everyone else is doing it ;)

    I had a blow out in my right lobe, and all I did to ‘fix’ it was downsize by like, 1mm, and put the jewelery in the other way (ie. back to front, instead of front to back) which probably wasn’t healthy or whatever, but my lobes are absolutely fine now thank you very much :)

    But back to the keloid- I’m curious as to how long the ‘wearer’ waited before seeing someone about it?

  18. What I’m wondering is HOW long did it take that person to and get treatment?!?! :O It should have it’s own Prime Minister it’s that damn big!

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