24 thoughts on “Purely Gratuitous

  1. i was going to say i’d like to pot her, i won’t though…
    the nipple piercings are cute 😀

  2. It´s a bit hard to SEE the body modifications (not as much because the nudeness but because of the distance)… :S

  3. Snooker is a similar game to pool, only played on a muuuch bigger table (12 x 6 ft), and with particular snooker rules. It is one of those truly British things.. (watch me say that and it’ll turn out it was actually cantonese or something..) – like tea with milk ..and chavs.

  4. I’m not so fond of these pictures because at first I wasn’t sure if she had all her limbs b/c you can’t really see all of them in the pictures. And then I became busy trying to count limbs instead of actually admiring the photos. If the angle of the photo/pose were different, then I’m sure I would have enjoyed the pictures.

  5. I really like these two shots. Something about that first one makes me want to plant a kiss on her belly.

    For the folks complaining about not being able to make out the tattoos all that well – there’s a reason they were labeled as gratuitous. Yes, she has tattoos, no they aren’t necessarily the point of the photos,

  6. Gratuitious in this case means with no real reason other than for the nekkidnesss 🙂 like in dumb action movies you’d say that the violence was gratuitious, ‘for it’s own sake’. (pretty much, correct me if I’m wrong).
    Oh wow, that girls hot.

  7. She is so cute! I love how she has a normal looking body with a few imperfections that make her all the more cute (i.e. teeny belly pooch). So adorable. I want to cuddle her.
    Or do her. Hahaha

  8. I would love to play pool with a tattood and pierced naked chick! That way strip pool would mean nothing!

  9. smells musty… the basement must be a bit dank too… btw while writing this i looked up the different meanings of “must” and stubbled onto the word “mustachio” lmfao

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