Tattoo Super Models (Book)



Highly stylized, classy and sensually sexy images of inked models, shot by Christian Saint, a leader in the world of tattoo photography. Using light masterly to caress a woman´s skin, he is highlighting the sexiness of individual body art with a finesse that everybody can fall in love with.

Excitingly determined…
For many years social critics have been trying to make young people aware of the fact that tattoos will last for a lifetime and that the insights of an 18-year-old might differ to the way they perceive things when they are 40. Tattoo Super Models by Christian Saint counters that well made tattoos on beautiful women are simply gorgeous. It is a plea for the courage to beautify oneself permanently, to do this without any fear of regret it once you’re old – because the bravado to really live in the moment is extremely sexy.

(NSFW after the link)

ChristianSaint_ElWood_2 Tattooed model Hattie Watson photography by Christian Saint. Alt tattoo model / singer Leah Jung photographed by Christian Saint. Alt tattooed model Vanessa Lake photographed by Cristian Saint.

Christian Saint is a professional advertising, celebrity and fine art photographer, residing in (Williamsburg) Brooklyn, New York. With over 20 years experience in the commercial world and tired of the industry’s narrow view of beauty, he focused his sites on the tattoo community. Using his knowledge from commercial fashion and beauty, he helps bring “alternative” to the main-stream. With his unique, sophisticated style he has successfully dragged tattoo photography out of hiding, while consistently exciting a large inter-national audience.

Tattoo Super Models features inked beauties with perfect shapes, wearing almost nothing but seductive body art. Using light masterly to caress a woman’s skin, Christian Saint is highlighting the sexiness of individual body art with a finesse that everybody can fall in love with. Elegant, capriciously and truly sexy.

Publisher: GOLIATH
ISBN 13: 978-3-95730-000-3
Size/Format: 5.5” x 8.5” / 14,5 x 21,5 cm
144 Pages / Seiten
English, German, Français, Español, Italiano
US$ 34.95 – £ 22.99 – Euro 24,90

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She just looks that way.

Sorry for the radio silence folks. Shannon is dealing with some things but he’ll be back! I thought I’d break the silence with a BME girl. I’m not sure I completely believe that halo. Thanks to Mirka X Mythra for the photo.



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Lesya Toumaniantz Photo Gallery

By now, either from ModBlog or from viral media, you know the romantic story of Lesya and Rouslan Toumaniantz (click that link if you live under a rock) and all the fuss that her facial tattoo of his name across her face generated, a tattoo they did not long after their love-at-first-sight meeting. I wanted to share these recent photos of the healed tattoo — say what you want about the story behind the tattoo, but wow, Lesya really makes this tattoo work! It looks great on her — of course it helps that she’s beautiful and photogenic to start — and you can click any of these photos to see them at a large size.

Lesya-Toumaniantz-2tt Lesya-Toumaniantz-3tt Lesya-Toumaniantz-4tt Lesya-Toumaniantz-5tt


Lesya-Toumaniantz-6tt Lesya-Toumaniantz-7tt Lesya-Toumaniantz-8tt Lesya-Toumaniantz-9tt

Handpoked Breast and Nipple Tattoos

Grace Neutral, a tattoo artist who specializes in handpoked work and is based in South London (although she travels regularly so don’t let that limit you — find her on Facebook or Tumblr) just did this incredible set of breast/nipple tattoos on Rebecka. Painwise, she tells me that the nipples hurt like crazy, but that it’s likely that doing them handpoked rather than grinding the ink in with a machine probably reduced the pain significantly. Click either picture for a bigger version.



Tongues, tongues, slither in the psalms*

The beautiful rachietartz has sent in some new photos and it felt like a good day for a BMEgirl update.

Photo by Alanna Ralph, Photography Makeup and Hair by Rachael Martin from Salon Blush.

*I have stolen today’s title from a song in The Devil’s Carnival.  Coming up with titles is hard!

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Feminine Horns

In all honesty, the aesthetic of horn implants isn’t for me, but this pair is nice and subtle and seem to suit Rebecca Davis perfectly. It’s like she was born with them!

Generally horn implants are pretty noticeable, so I was curious what her reasoning was for going with something a little less bold.

“Well I wanted to start off small to see how I liked them. After they healed I realized that most people don’t notice them so I don’t get stopped that often by random people saying “wuts that in ur head!?”. I like that I can hide them if I need to, they are like a surprise!”

The implant procedure was performed by Tony Snow, and photography is by Marshall Bradford.

Senja Sidoro Framed

I’m watching the incredibly cheesy Samuel Jackson reality-tv gladiator movie Arena on one monitor and editing tasteful classic photos of the beautiful Senja Sidoro on the other. So while half of my brain reminiscences about one of the stranger consulting gigs I ever did, creating a an untrackable video site for broadcasting biker-run dog fights (and handling the gambling on them) — one of the many things I’m not terribly proud of — I’m calming the guilt into submission with Photoshop filters and burying it with layers. In any case, here are some pictures of Senja Sidoro practicing with makeup — in the one image you can see an unpainted face next to what she made with makeup leftovers (click here to see it true, without all my editing). I like her piercings of course, and in this age of mega-implants, it’s somehow very friendly seeing a couple of dainty first-gen horns. By the way, if Senja seems familiar to you, it might be because she’s married to Lassi (, is a talented performer in her own right, and founded Helsinki’s Başka Theater Group — find her on Facebook at SouciJawsDerringer.

Well, I think I’m all Photoshopped out for one day. Click to zoom.