A Dozen Tattoos About Hello Kitty

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22 thoughts on “A Dozen Tattoos About Hello Kitty

  1. these definitely made me giggle.. who knew there were so many different personalities to hello kitty!!! 🙂 love it, so creative, and great to see 12 at once!!

  2. i’m a little ashamed to actually know this, but the pic – second row middle picture – isn’t hello kitty. it’s pochacco.

  3. Yo my mate Cici is numbers 2 & 3. She’s the rockingest girl in Melbourne (and as you’re going to read this, Cici, here’s an Asian Girl laugh for you ~heehee~ )

  4. since when’d kitty get so . . . so versatile? she’s got a limited edition hello kitty USB drive out too. click on my name to check out the details.

  5. These are cool. I especially like the sixth and the twelfth ones. I have just a plain HK on my right forearm with a blue dress.

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