A Dozen Tattoos About Leopard Print

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12 thoughts on “A Dozen Tattoos About Leopard Print

  1. This is a great way to ascertain what is highly skilled, and what is, well, less. But what about the girl with the forehead spots? Those are the kick-assest of them all, in my book.

  2. I have a dumb fat friend who claims she started wearing leopard and zebra print before anyone else did. Including leopards and zebras. I have another friend who has a purple leopard print star tattoo. The end.

  3. Man, I kind of love that in most of the pictures, people are wearing similar shirts. Oh, and that head tattoo looks GNAR.

  4. the guy getting the head spots done looks alot like my first boyfriend – except he would never get something as cool 😉

  5. haha the skin ripping ones are probly the most hilarious tattoo ideas i’ve ever seen.
    im not a huge fan of leopard spots… so… WHOO MISFITS!

  6. Animal print tattoos are so cool if done realistically. These look great!! How about showing some plaid tats? I’ve seen quite a lot of those lately.

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