He’s not protesting

This is what Freakboy has to say about the previous entry.


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17 thoughts on “He’s not protesting

  1. I totally agree with #2 & #3.
    I had to look really closely at the mods before my brain acknowledged the more extreme mods, both the implants and the lip plate just really seem to suit him.

  2. Aye I just mean that he has a large amount of mods that rather then change his face and appearance to something less human (look at the interview of toph) his actually compliment him and, I guess on a whole, sit more naturally.

  3. The first thing I noticed about this picture is that it looks like the guy in the black jacket is feeling his head!

    His mods do look really nice on him. I even like his labret, and I’m not usually a fan of larger labrets! Somehow he makes it all look natural.

  4. actually it looks like the guy in the background is taking a picture, not feeling freakboy’s head…

    agreed on the ‘he’s so cute + his mods suit him’ comments, though :]

  5. The lip plate looks great on him. He needs nostril and cheek piercings, and at least 6 gauage lip rings. More piercings.

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