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The second of today’s two interviews being moved over from the BodyTwo archives is “Paul Oneball”, an interview about a man who’s used silicone augmentation to restore his genitals after they were damaged due to cancer. I’ve got loads more interviews covering a wide range of subjects (from tattoos to the extreme) in the queue, so I wanted to get these older ones posted to make space for the new. Click on through to read it if you haven’t already.

8 thoughts on “Paul Oneball Interview Posted

  1. he’s wonderfully positive and upbeat – i found his attitude really refreshing. great interview.

  2. I’m not one to usually discuss people’s choices, but I find this a little “Up-in-everyone’s-face” while that alone does not shock me, I think it may be slightly disturbing for kids in his area.

    For some reasons, I can’t get the image of a kid crying pointing to his mom going “Look m’ma, he has balls in his underpants”

  3. You know, call me strange, but I find the visual effect of the pale skin of the graft against the darker skin surrounding it really… appealing. It just looks nice. I don’t know.

  4. Very interesting interview and I like how he made a difficult situation into one of discovery and satisfaction, Having said that, the fact he used a leatherpunch to do his PA, squicked me out a little lol. I’ve done leatherwork myself and the thought of using that particular punch on me…intense for sure.

  5. I admire him for having the strength to go on with his life and make the best of the worst, something many people could not be capable of.

    I also am intrigued by the pale skin of the graft on his shaft. It’s definitely a unique effect!

    That said, theres a passage in there that’s reminiscent of the current drama of self injury. Using modification as an outlet – as self injury (not that all his mods have this intent!). As I’ve stated before, the difference between, say ritual cutting and self injury is very much the intent of the act. A very resounding theme I find (and the major difference between the two) is that self injury/harm is done to alleviate pain (whether it be physical, mental, emotional, etc).

    Don’t want to start another cat fight, but I know it was mentioned in the last post as to what the difference was, and this was a surprising coincidental explanation!

    He’s a strong man, and good on his wife for sticking by him and supporting him through this!

  6. I too have lost a ball to surgery. It was a torsion of the testicule. I have not thought of silicone injection as a replacement. I’m glad you found a way to enjoy your genital even with the lost.

  7. the different color between the grafted skin and the originals seems kinda unmatched. anyway, the guy with one ball really optimistic and thrilling. wish luck and you go the way back.

  8. Yeah, very nice. You’ve cut skin penis, one egg and no brain in head in your age…

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