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As well as posting a small group of experiences today, I’m posting two interviews to get all of the BodyTwo interview content moved here into the permanent archive. Today I’m starting with “Pain For Troy”, a short CBT-themed interview with one of BME’s first video contributors, talking about the line between pain and pleasure. Click the banner to jump to the interview now.

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16 thoughts on “Pain For Troy Interview Posted

  1. idk how i feel about this…Is there a point where this kind of art just ends up being the manifestation of some kind of psychological disorder?

  2. Karl – This isn’t so much “art”, as it’s “play”. There’s an art ASPECT to it, but play is the primary motivation.

  3. Rough, interesting play/torture! Beyond my range, but hopefully he will find someone to join him out there!

  4. it’s incredible that those desires always come at an earlier age, and always seem to increase over time. i think about how freeing it is to explore such an extreme, and embrace a desire regardless of whether or not it may be deemed ‘acceptable healthy behavior’. Supressing it would probably be far more damaging.

    absolutely amazing.

  5. I wouldn’t think there would be any major risks; it’s not as if it’s going to go in far enough for their to be any risk other than maybe some blistering.

  6. i enjoyed this article and visual documentation.

    i’d really enjoy inflicting the bloodplay and CBT on someone.

  7. Can’t help but think he’d be fun to “play” with. I wonder about the wax in the urethra too. How hard would it be to get out?

  8. Thanks so much for posting this interview Shannon, I must admit ever since I realised what CBT stood for (*blush*) the motivations and desires behind it have always interested me. I’d love to know more…

  9. i find this level of play interesting but its something i couldnt do to myself,i dont have the right mindset/motivation lol i nearly passed out just having my apadravya done and stretched! kudos to troy!

  10. Yeah, great interview!! Intense. I found it really interesting that while he seems to indulge in a lot of play piercing, permanent mods don’t seem to hold that much appeal for him.

  11. This type of play is a huge turn-on for me but to date I haven’t tried or allowed needles in my glans as I read that it was not advisable. I bruised a lot with a needle through my shaft and then, on another occasion, with one of the needles when I was butterfly-boarded. I would DESPERATELY like to know what will be the damage with deep insertion into the GLANS.

    The form of the glans of a flaccid penis appears to be inherent and not dependent on engorgement. During an erection, the form of the glans is exaggerated but not entirely different. This suggests that needle damage might not change the resting shape as long as shape-defining structures are avoided. WHAT ARE THOSE STRUCTURES? Perhaps a small but important amount of muscular and connective tissue. So, with care, perhaps the RESTING shape won’t be too quickly distorted.

    It seems probable that capacity for erection will be a different story. Might it be that repeated perforation of the spongy blood reservoir underlying the glans can completely knock out erectile capacity? Or might damage be localized so that shaft erection continues as normal but the glans is permanently flaccid or semi-flaccid?

    Or is there magic at work so that I can receive many deep insertions into my glans meat without ill effect?

    What about needles passing through the urethra? I have read that this also is ill-advised. But it also is a big turn-on. Would the issue here be healing? Might it be that there can be irreversible damage if, for example, there is significant haematoma (got that right?) between the punctured urethra and its surrounding tissue – or even infiltration of urine into these tissues.

    Better insights, anyone, PLEASE?!

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