Getting Scalped

I would think that the annoyance factor of this piercing would be very high — hair getting wrapped around it and oily buildup requiring more cleaning than most perhaps… But I always get a kick out of people who are driven for whatever reason to get a piercing in an oddball location. This “scalp piercing” was done by Damien Caskey at Monsterz Ink in Sylmar, California.


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37 thoughts on “Getting Scalped

  1. Hmmm. I think it looks pretty cool actually, not that I would have the patience for it myself.

  2. well…that’s definetly the first time i’ve seen that…i hope we get to see a follow-up on it…I’m really curious to see how it heals. very interesting

  3. He did the first one like 3 years ago in Appleton.. there’s an experience about it somewhere.. plus I remember seeing it in his physical portfolio ages ago.. *shrugs*

  4. i can just think eww, with the hair washing and the combing and the hair getting caught on the jewelry, but thats just me ><

  5. Strangely enough, this squicks me out far more than most things I see on modblog. Go figure.

  6. After reviewing the experience on this one, I wondered when I’d see a picture of it here :) Ever since reading that experience, I’ve been dubbing on getting one myself or not, too. I think it’s a great piercing, n absolutely love the wtf-factor/uniqueness of it…nevermind the annoyance. Hope hers continues to heal well :)

  7. Ouchy! This Wudda Been Hoorah Sore,And Itd Get All Tangled To Death,But Then Again Its A Well Hidden Piece That The Owner Can Enjoy With Out It Being A Big Deal!

  8. that’s me! and washing and coming and whatnot is really not that big of a deal. it is healing really well and is incredibly comfortable. i love it<333.

  9. It’s not fun when I flip my hair only to realize a knot is caught on one of my surface piercings. I can only imagine running your fingers through your hair and having it get caught on this! yeep!

  10. I’d go insane with that piercing. Unfortunately I dont think it will heal and if its left in I think it will reject. Too much pressure on the scalp!

  11. This is my handy work. I did one about four years ago now and we had no problem with healing or migration. She finally took it out after a year and a half. The only downfall was where the jewelry sat the hair follicles died and there was a small bald spot. Thank you for the sleeve comments.

  12. wow and ow.
    your hairdresser is gonna hate you, mine hates me just for my industrial.

    I want to know is how did she come up with the idea?

  13. I kinda like it. I’d never be able to handle having it, but it’s interesting. Maybe they don’t go to a hairdresser or dye their hair, use hairspray etc? I know I don’t, but since I have dreadlocks I’d imagine I’d lose it in the hair. More pics of this as it’s healing more would be awesome.

  14. i do go to a hairdresser and use hairspray, etc etc. truthfully, it is much easier to manage than it looks. i’ve never gotten my hair tangled in it or hit it with a hair brush or anything even close to that. it sits in a very good spot. my hairdresser hates shampooing me, but after that its easy as pie. i haven’t dyed my hair since the piercing mostly because i haven’t needed to, but i also think i should give it more time.
    it is healing marvelously. i haven’t had a single issue.

  15. i can see this if the person was bald. but i feel that this is careless. not a ideal environment to heal a piercing. Im down for tryin new things but this is careless on the piercers part..

  16. Zuni ~ I could see it being careless if I was attempting it on people that were regular customers. Truth be told both scalp piercings I’ve done have been on people I trust to give it the full care and patients that I believe it needs, and I see both people on a daily basis to moniter the healing process. So you are definitely entitled to your opinion, but I assure you it is under the strictest care and observation. Definitely not something I would send somebody who just walked in out the door with.

  17. that really does just seem nasty. i agree with zuni that maybe if you were bald it would make sense… but with hair it just seems so dirty.

  18. Owww… shampoo in a fresh piercing doesn’t sound like fun… not to mention getting your hair cut and combing it and stuff will be a bitch… it looks awesome but it’d be waaaay too annoying.

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