47 thoughts on “Large-scale Mayan Scarification

  1. Giles, you weren’t offended by the ass?

    Or is there enough mod over tits and ass to justify it for you.

  2. To be fair, Giles is not offended by the T&A, he’s offended that it’s the primary focus in the subsequent conversation, which is used to make the claim that people come here for prurient reasons rather than to look at mods.

  3. (And while I disagree with his stance and think it tends to be presented with a needless negativity, he raises important issues.)

  4. Well, the butt without the scarification piece wouldn’t be as attractive as it is now. Weird sentence, but what I’m saying is that mods make the body way more interesting to look at, in my opinion.

    But that’s a terrific piece of… scarification! The detail is amazing and it follows the body’s natural curve really well.

  5. Anne : there’s a lot a boys with a round bum. And yeah, that one is, and that’s kinda hot.
    Anyway… GREAT work, I really like Wayde Dunn’s work.
    Also like the stars around nipples.

  6. Scarifications on this scale scare the hell out of me; I can’t even begin to imagine how long this one took to heal.

    That being said, this is the most gorgeous piece I have ever seen. I admire Otekrah’s fortitude tremendously! Fantastic.

  7. that is a beautiful piece.
    i wonder what the healing process is like..
    seeing as how its on his waist line..
    high traffic area!

  8. ChillyMama – The piece only took 4 hours.

    Healing across the waistline will differ from the rest of the piece… higher movement plus mechanical irritation from clothing will be the cause for this. I spoke with Mike (Otekrah) about this at length before i agreed to do the piece.. i wanted him to be fully aware of the high chance of inconsistant results due to the placement and size of the piece. He understood and accepted the chance of this as part of the natural and organic process of scarification.

    Thanks everyone 🙂

  9. Awesome!!! Yet another stunning piece. I can not wait till april when I will be getting some work done by wayde! Thats just stunning and I really like how clear you are about healing process and inconsistency of scars etc! Looking forward to it!

  10. haha pretty cool looks like he had a couple of beers to help the healing process:p, mind you im not in the best shape of my life

  11. haha pretty cool looks like he had a couple of beers to help the healing process:p, mind you im not in the best shape of my life

  12. I think this piece is gorgeous, and I’m not a huge fan of scarification (just personal taste). And I am with #15 on this one, it looks scary in that it must have been quite an ordeal to get it and it’s got to be a bit awful to heal it too.
    On the issue of the man butt, I don’t see why it should matter if some people come here for purient interest. People are beautiful, and people enjoy looking. Modification and our love of bodies kind of goes hand in hand. I think it’s only natural. And I quite like that Shannon throws in guys for those of us that enjoy them 😉

  13. Indigenous “American” continent art + Mod = Large-Scale Happiness. <—-(Always correct for me)
    I could be persuaded to get an Aztec calendar backpiece, and I’m not even Aztec in the slightest. (Yet, Marriage could change this)
    /Can’t help but note- anyone else see serious cat in the feline above the face?

  14. Yes, Giles does raise important issues, however his demeaning attitude towards fellow readers is unnecessary.

    His assertions that “dumbing down” is required are not warranted.

    Surely, he will continue to “challenge” us, but get off the high horse already.

    Or step outside your ivory tower.

  15. >>Surely, he will continue to “challenge” us, but get off the high horse already

    Here’s a plan y’all. Crawl out of the gutter and I’ll meet you halfway. 😉

  16. >>Aren’t we all in the gutter, looking up at the skies. 🙂

    I wish. From my ivory horse 🙂 I can see plenty looking the wrong way content to wallow in their own effluence wanting nothing more than to bathe in putrid excrement.


  17. pretty amazing boy-butt!! very pinchable. . .

    now to the b-mods: amazing scarification. the work is beautifully done, and the piece is amazing to boot!! congratz!

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