39 thoughts on “Boff Hand Tattoos Interview Posted

  1. nice work!
    i love point style!!
    i cant wait to have Nazareno back in Argentina to get someone in my body

  2. That’s amazing! He’s got som skills 😉
    Question though: do thay fade easier than machine made tattoos? I dont know but doesnt a machine have the ability to go deeper or am i totally off?

  3. Therese: as far as I am aware hand poked tattoos can last better as they can actually be done deeper than a machine.

  4. very cool, thanx for that little insight to an increasingly popular form. though i thought id add a comment about the “bedroom tattooist” i whole heartedly agree with the whole ‘good tattoo out of a shitty space, and a shitty tattoo out of a nice studio” kinda thing. but were most of my concern lays is in the sanitary aspects of tattooing out of a non dedicated space, although on the same page ive been in some preety scuzzy shops before that were way filthyer then a motel room.

  5. My two big thoughts upon seeign this:

    1) WHOA holy awesome. those are fucking *beautiful*. wow. wow.

    2) He doesn’t wear gloves?

  6. amazing work and cant wait for the Xed interview either

    i use a similar techinque to do my palm tattooing, it works amazing

    TrinityVA: he wears gloves for sure, that first picture is just posed for the picture

  7. timm95 – We actually talked about that but I didn’t end up including it in the interview. Here’s what he said when I asked him about it:

    Q: “In terms of working in people’s homes, how do you control cleanliness, or is it actually less of an issue because there aren’t cross contamination issues between clients like you have in a studio?”

    A: “You’re right about cross-contamination issues, but I also keep to the same hygiene standards as a normal tattoo studio. Everything is only used once, gloves are worn at all times, needles are autoclaves, surfaces sterilized, etc.”

    Aiglos – He prefers people contact him via MySpace.

  8. hmm, for those that don’t have myspace, does he post a touring schedule anywhere else? i’d really love to get something by him but I’m in Canada

  9. I love hand made tattoos. I have three tattoos and two of them were hand made in Thailand. The guy who did both my tattoos is a great artist and I just get more work done by him every time I come back to Thailand (which is every year). He uses a stick of bamboo with three needles on it but it takes a very long time. My leg piece took about 25 hours. My sister got her whole back done by bamboo and it took over 60 hours. They do have a very unique look to them. They have this organic traditional look to them too.

    I was actually looking in my area for someone who does tattoos by hand but there is no one near me who does that so I will just continue to get more work done everytime I go to Thailand.

  10. The Full sleeve is really nice! A chopstick and a tat needle!!!??? all the other work is really nice as well.

  11. because of this, i’ve fallen head over heels in love with this style of tattooing. i’ve seen hand-poked work before, but his work (and the work on his neck by xed) is just stunning. i’m now inspired to learn this technique, asap. i’m a blank slate, but my first tattoo may very well end up being hand-poked by myself. thank you shannon and boff.

  12. Roo: alice just told me people on the other side of the atlantic don’t understand minge either.
    Shannon: thanks for making the link work

  13. I’d just like to thank everyone for their comments, it’s been emotional.

    I don’t go “on tour”, unfortunately.


  14. So it was you! I thought “rent boys” charge for business, not give out freebies in the toilets at the “Black Cap”.

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