33 thoughts on “And now for something more cheerful

  1. They remind me of the fairy/fairly odd parents cant remember what its called, Its a children’s program here in the uk, don’t ask why i know this 🙂

  2. Thats the first thing i thought too. But Wandas pink and Cosmos is Green…. >_< Im so lame!

    But overall i like the style of tattoo. ^-^

  3. Ash, i was thinking the same thing.
    I think its what it is. Cosmo and Wanda. Haha.
    ‘cept Cosmo’s green.

  4. i’m pretty sure the people making this cartoon are the same as the fairly odd parents people, but it’s a different show. it comes on jetix or something.
    i’m not a fan of the it, really but the characters are cute enough.

  5. I wonder what they’ll look like once the hair grows back.. 😛 I mean, they’ll have hairy teeth and ditto eyes. O_o

  6. hahaha ya know, here in argentina the translation of the name of that carttoon is something like “the magic godfathers”…haha…always makes me giggle when i think of how hight must the translation dude must be…anywyz… totally dig the tatt…

    cheers for regulary-updated-rad-streched-entries modblog


  7. Bob Boyle, the creator of Ying Yang Yo, used to do the art direction for the Fairly Oddparents, which is probably where some of the style crossover comes from. And, as expressed already by 5 other people, Cosmo and Wanda were what I first though too. Good times.

  8. Although I too am definitely getting Fairly Odd Parents, you have to admit prety much all kid shows these days are done in the exact same style. Flat color, heavily varying line, huge heads, little bodies, everything bright. What happened to Doug??

  9. I was thinking they were from the fairy odd parents as well. I love that show. I got got hooked on it due to my younger sister.

  10. ash_issom

    Yep that’s the name of the children’s TV show, I was thinking the tattoos looked like the cartoon characters myself.
    My daughter used to watch that TV show, I hated it!

  11. “Flat color, heavily varying line, huge heads, little bodies, everything bright. What happened to Doug??”

    You’ve pretty much explained Doug. Except for the thick outline 🙂

  12. I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, but this totally made me smell either way! Those are precious!

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