Nice use of UV ink in a tattoo!

As much as I like pumpkin carving, normally I think Chris’s Halloween-themed chestpiece wouldn’t jump out at me as a piece to feature, but when I saw how the UV ink in it has been applied, I changed my mind! I love it how the UV is a way to augment the tattoo with something new, a hidden element that can only be appreciated in the right environment. It was done by Alex Miller at Local Color in West Chester, PA.


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23 thoughts on “Nice use of UV ink in a tattoo!

  1. sorry to seem so non-constructiv… but its not:
    I just cant imagine how you could put such a pair of silly -awfully designed- halloween pumpkins forever on you chest. He hates him?, made that piece when he was 12 and drunk?
    Sorry, it has to be told, and I would very happy to discuss it, but for me it is just like you dont respect your body enough to think twice before inking the first “oh thats cool” crappy artwork in it.

  2. chest pieces become more and more elaborated and that’s cool!
    I wouldn’t trade my plain one for anything else but it’s very interesting to see what others went for.

  3. That is such an awesome use of UV ink… very cool. The only thing I find disappointing about UV ink is that I do not frequent clubs or places that have UV light, so if I had a tattoo with it, nobody would ever see it.

  4. Just wondering…is UV ink safe??? Please someone let me know…I so want to get some work done.

  5. PS. Note the glowing red nose done in the different kind of UV.

    I agree that it’s not the best quality work in terms of the tattoo, but I love the way the UV has been integrated, which. I also think it would be easy enough to correct it by beefing up some of the linework and so on.

  6. how fucking amazing can a bloody pumpkin be?
    Drop it iv seen alot worse tattoos and there are alot worse out there
    who know the pumpkins might signify in his life..
    maybe his mom or dad passed away..liked pumpkins..
    who realy knows?

    ut yeah anyway I have a UV Treble Clef on my fore arm
    and I went to a nightclub to see how well it stays in and
    I was walking around with my shirt sleeve rolled up all night was hilarious and all the people like OH MY GOD IS THAT IN YOUR SKIN =o


  7. sure it could use a touch up, but its still a cute piece. the UV is fucking really cool…our shop makes UV ink in a bunch of shades, and i have UV ink in one of my tattoos…i have never had a problem healing or otherwise.

  8. Zoro’s nose is fan-freaking-tastic. =]]]
    I named my white chihuahua that.
    …he got killed by a black cat. Haha. anyways.
    I like the tattoo. The spiderwebs look really pretty.

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