Yoda prefers Phil Collins

Not that I have any problem with Noel Gallagher (of Oasis), but I got a laugh out of this portrait tattoo of him because of the placement. If a time comes that the wearer is no longer a fan, they can say, “no, no, it’s not a portrait of Noel Gallager… it’s a portrait of Noel Gallager having his throat slit by Yoda!”

If I get bored one day I’m going to go through the archives and lot for other tattoo interactions… I’ll bet there are loads as people get more and more coverage. Anyway, the tattoo is the work of Kelly Macdonald at Skinz N Needles in Ashington, UK.


20 thoughts on “Yoda prefers Phil Collins

  1. Me too. God I hate Oasis. Actually I was interviewed for Radio 1 back in the day after setting up a usenet group and their main angle was that I was into breakbeat and jungle because all my mates liked Oasis.

  2. yoda pwns all
    when I first saw it screen was minimized and didnt see yoda at bottum then laughed really hard.I love this Unfortunatly prolly not for the reasons wearer intended. but its awesome nontheless.
    woot for yoda btw..

  3. Be funnier if he liked Blur better… after the whole Oasis vs Blur thing that went on for sooo long.

  4. Oh, I don’t think the face looks good at all, okay, it looks like him, but it’s just not tattooed that good. It could be way better.
    Who would want him on his leg anywayxD

  5. the biggest problem i have with that tat
    besides it being gallager
    is that his eyes aren’t connecting with anything, like one looks almost lazy. but it could be the angle of the picture, of course.

  6. is that the asshole brother, or the other slightly-less asshole brother? either way, i think it works if you look at it as yoda is gonna decapitate his sith lovin ass with that lightsaber. btw, noel gallagher would have a red lightsaber… mmhmm

  7. Most portraits fail to impress me. Nobody ever gets the eyes right. Non-expressive, lopsided, and not true to the original. This one falls under all these categories. KatVD may have her “issues” but damn can she get a portrait right. She, as well as other incredibly talented artists, of course.

  8. I don’t have a problem with Oasis, I was a fan during the 90′s!
    Not sure about the tattoo though, maybe it’s just the camera angle but to me it doesn’t look right.

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